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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by NicolaWynne, Nov 14, 2011.

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    I went for my 4d scan saturday at 28w1d and baby was measuring at 1015 kg or 2.3lbs. The sonographer said this was slightly below average.

    Got measured today (28w3d) with midwife and my FH was 26cm. She said this was "borderline" and if it was a fraction lower i would have been sent for a small for size growth scan.

    I didnt think much at the time when she told me because i had just had my blood taken and felt a bit woozy... but now when i think back to what i was told at the 4d scan and what the midwife told me today... do you think i should push for a growth scan?

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    Try not to worry about the fundal height measurement. I've consistently measured 3cm behind. Now at 37+2 I'm only just measuring 33cms. I've been sent for a meeting with the consultant tomorrow but my MW has reassured me that it's a formality. There's lots of reasons you might measure small. If you're like me and used to exercise a lot it might be that your stomach muscles are strong enough to hold baby in compactly. You could always have a deep pelvis in which case baby could be hiding a little lower.
    If you're worried then suggest a scan but most MWs don't refer unless you are 4cms behind as a cm or two out really isn't anything to panic yourself over. Good luck hon x x
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    Thank you... i will see how i measure at my next appointment at 31 weeks and if im still behind i will push for a scan :) x x
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    The chart I just looked at said average fetal weight for 28 weeks is 1005 grams, so you seem right on if going by that chart. Plus my doctor said ultrasound can be 3 weeks off, so I think it was pointless for the tech to scare you. Fundal height is totally pointless. I was measuring like 6 weeks behind and ultrasound calculated baby to be one week ahead. All studies I read on it said it is pointless and totally inaccurate! Try not to stress too much (I know, easier said than done!) :hugs:
  5. NicolaWynne

    NicolaWynne Guest

    Thanks alot :) x x

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