So many questions! Please help!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Come_Bebe, Jun 5, 2013.

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    I'm 14 wks tomorrow! I'm freaking out I have so many questions and everyone gives me a different answer! Help me moms help me!

    Can I dye my hair?
    Can I fly out of state? If so until what week?
    When can I start feeling the baby move?
    Can I drink decaf coffee?
    When will I know the gender?
    What happens on wk 17 visit?

    Sorry! Thanks ladies!
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    Yes you can dye your hair if its wing done profeasionally and in a well ventilated area

    You can fly safely until the last 4 weeks after that thy don't want you flying in case you go into labour

    Hen you feel baby moves depends on alot of factor , most women feel baby move between 16-20 weeks some earlier some later .

    You can have up to 200 mg of caffine a day safely . That's about 2 regular cups of coffee so decade is fine

    You can find out the gender at 18-20 weeks anatomy scan
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    Can I fly out of state? If so until what week? I think airlines actually won't let you fly after 36 weeks (best to check certain airline policies as some could possibly be earlier)

    When can I start feeling the baby move? Yup, 16-20 weeks generally. However, if you have an anterior placenta (which they will tell you at your 20 week scan) you may not feel it for quite a while after that. Even if you have a posterior placenta it could be later (I felt my first DD start to really kick at 24 weeks, even with a posterior placenta). This baby starting kicking the crap out of me at 19 weeks already. Every baby is different too :)

    When will I know the gender? Generally at your 20 week scan they can tell you. I found out at my NT scan at 13w3d but that's highly uncommon. Plus baby has to really cooperate, even at the 20 week scan.

    What happens on wk 17 visit? It depends, some women possibly have their 20 week scan that early (it's an anomaly/anatomy scan). If you don't have an ultrasound and have been having a normal low risk pregnancy they will probably check baby's heartbeat/heart rate and then ask if you have any questions or concerns. Possibly they may check your cervix too.

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