So was talking to me ma last night...


Third tri!!!
May 11, 2008
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.. and she's kinda (unintentionally) freaked me out. She was telling me that my nan was well known back in her pregnant days for popping babies out in record timing. She gave birth to my 3 uncles and mum in like 5 minutes or something :saywhat:
Then Mum started telling me about her labour with my older sis.... her waters broke at 34 weeks and she didnt think much of it, she WALKED to the hospital (its like 10 minutes away but still) and when the midwife examined her she was already 8cm dialated but she didnt feel any pain.
When I was born at 28 weeks apparently I just slipped right out....nice.

So now im thinking, do labour patterns and stuff run in families? I hope not... im not looking to pop out my LO until at least 37 weeks
Apparantly entire pregnancies can follow patterns in families. I seem to be following my mum's pregnancy to a "T", which means I won't be popping this one out in under an hour - that's for sure!
Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise! A quick fast labor (which is what I experienced with my first) was overall the best thing ever. And no conehead baby afterwards! Heh.
so far im following in my mum and nans foot steps,no morning sickess (good), and in my family babys tend to be born within 2 hours of labour starting. so... just have to see if it holds true for me.
I dident follow my mums pattern, but i wouldent complain about a short labour, just be ready as soon as you feel that first twinge, lol.
Oh heck - I'm hoping not to follow in my mother's footsteps. She was in labour from Sunday morning til Monday evening and then they ended up delivering me by emergency C-section! And there was me hoping for a home birth!!
My mums were very quick but mine lasted a wk!! So i wouldnt worry

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