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so,what you all get then


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Sep 25, 2006
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£50 cash
£10 boots voucher
tin of danish biscuits
box of cadburys biscuits
tin of celebrations
britney spears fantasy pefume
hotchocolate mug with little grater etc
chloe narcisse perfume
dotty p's trousers
long striped top,really wanted this
couple of vneck jumpers
big chest thing with make up in from bhs that turns into a jewerrely box after
foot spa thing
bottle of wine
another boots experience voucher so i get to do a recording studio twice (had one for my birthday)
fererro rocher
roll neck thick jumper.
oh and a 28" tv from mil she always goes stupid

still got prressies to come from sil,bil and mil will still get us something to open,she's stupid the amount she spends and wont listen to us
Charlie set from Imi
Milk bath set from Imi
Baileys coffee set (Baileys, coffee, chocs, glass mugs) from Tam
Smirniff set
Champagn set with 2 glasses from tootsie
Massager handheld thing (for my back :roll: :twisted: -)
£30 amazon voucher for helping admin a site
£100 bonus from work

& a Nintendo Wii with a sports game (5 games in one) & nunchuck controller - Wii play (8 games), Wii Classic Controller & 2000 points card to download games :p :p

Not forgetting my secret santas form 2 other forums!

Winnie socks x 4, Winnie card set & Olay set
Winnie classic teddy & winnie face towel/cloth


Still to get my prezzies from family & best mate :(
pink nintendo ds lite :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
cd player
blinds 4 my living room
2 tins of celebrations
foxs biscuits
hobnobs 4m ann summers :twisted: :shock:
2 me to you bears
£20 in voucers
loadsa wee bits n pieces :D
A Coat (had a while ago)
A Phone
4 Pairs of jimmys (its all i wear)
Money £150
Vouchers £20 topshop
Socks/pants :lol:
Digi camera with printer (joint pressie)
you all got loads :shock:

i got £150 cash
a snuggly house coat (age 13 and it trails on me :lol: )
new slippers

bottle of burberry london
the GHOST cherish gift set (i love it its so fruity)
erm, oh a nivea winter set from Adele and Colby (it has b.o spray, face wiped lip balm and body cream)
a new hair brush :roll:

and last but not least an epilator and it hurts like fuck :shock: from my be loved OH and his coment was while i tried it yesterday was 'love hurts'
not sure if i will use it again only tried it on my legs before i went to wax them but couldnt cope it was too painful :shock:

oh yeah we got this from BIL because my OH buys and sells loads on ebay :lol: :lol:

i got
250 cash
enterity ring
tiffany and co braclet and necklase
new bag
pj dress grown
incent burner secret agenda game
lovely gilet from next
loads of choc im trying to lose weight not but it on
I got 2 bath sets from 2 different people (you know who you are :wink: )
some money
A new watch
more money
A new bag with matching wallet
GHD wide plates,
perfume (paul smith)
£40 gift voucher for Beauty Salon,
£200 money
pink vanity case
benefit & urban decay make up
Body Shop set-coconut body butter etc
White Diamonte Watch from River Island
Bio Oil-for the stretchmarks :cry:
Too much sweeties

Oh and jim jams! :lol:
i got my own spray tan kit woooo hoooooo soooooo excited it looks great kris mum got me it..

kris is taking me shopping in the sales and he kitted me out with some very expensive make up and Dior blusher set.

mum got me a jacket

kids got very spoilt cant move in my house :lol:
new ipod shuffle https://www.apple.com/ipodshuffle/
2 ps2 games
2 dolphin calanders
Giant tube of jafa cakes
Giant box of choccie fingers
Box of assorted choccies
Superman Returns dvd
Blank paged note book
Best of disney songs triple cd (hehehe)
2 lots of bath goodies
LotR trivia dvd game
set of serving bowls
cadbury's flake moments
some fluffy scraf/shoulder warmer... thing
2 picture frames
cola pint glass
£10 voucher for the cinema
tiger cushion
assorted biscuits
square cake tin
water colour paints
water colour pencils
lots of chocolates
excavate your own dinosaur
A sewing machine
A new kettle
A new iron
A new Silentnight mattress
A Clarins facial
Subscription to Glamour mag
A ticket to the wedding show next year
PS2 Buzz quiz
Jason Donovan's greatest hits!
Loads of chocolate
Loads of underwear and nightwear (off my mum, I was whinging about going up lots of sizes)
Loads of lovely smellies
Loads of booze!

I feel spoilt rotten! :oops: Was blown away by the amount of stuff Stanley received. He even got pressies off people we don't even know (friends of family) labelled 'Zoe's baby' :) :shock: I can't move in the living room. Is it like this every year when you have kids!??
Minxy said:
I feel spoilt rotten! :oops: Was blown away by the amount of stuff Stanley received. He even got pressies off people we don't even know (friends of family) labelled 'Zoe's baby' :) :shock: I can't move in the living room. Is it like this every year when you have kids!??

it gets worse as they get older :lol: :lol:
I Got loads.

A nome for my yard
Two pictures with flowers on them that i picked in the summer,
a lady and tramp pillow that i knew about
a blanket for my sofa
a blanket for the bed
a picture frame
me to you teddy (two one with a book)
a couple of ornaments Sp?
me to you picture (thats going in my room)
Voucher for any shops
a b&q voucher
a lemon squesser (Long story)
mobile phone (which i knew about but didn't know which one it was)
HMV voucher
a packet of tissues (Its a funny present~)
dvds (Friends series got them all but collecting the dvd of them, and another one)
a glass with V on it
Hugo boss deep red perfum

Probably a lot more stuff but can't remember i get spoilt at christmas

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