Some Advice and Help Need Please.


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Feb 25, 2008
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Its been 9 days since I had my :baby:, and my bleeding seemed to have calmed down like a normal period, but today it seems heavier and a bit clotty Sorry TMI...

Im wondering if this is normal to start heavy then reduce then go back to heavy again, I am also having what I can only describe as spasms down below (which I presume is normal).

Anyone else experianced this??

i had zane 7 days ago and my bleed does the same it goes heavy to light back to heavy again with afew small clots and 1 huge 1 lol

u might be just feeling after birth pains which ive been getting too they arent nice

Yep agree with you defo not nice feeling like this. And doesnt help with me having stiches ouch they are still sore to.
i no how u feel there too lol ive had stitches n they r still sore not so much when i go loo but they just feel so heavy :( plus i gave up breastfeeding so my boobs r killin me too lol they joys lol
mine slowed down then came back abit heavier... have you been more active at all??
ya mine was on and off for about 6 weeks, sometimes it was barely there , sometimes it was very very heavy. if u suddenly feel poorly, like a fever, or some other sign of infection or there is a massive amount of blood thats soaking a pad really really quickly then id go to see the doc but if it just normal bleeding off and on id say its ok. feel good!
Yes,mine has also got lighter then started heavy back again.And the spasms are perfectly normal as are the pains in lower abdomen...
Thanks girls this has helped... there not as bad today. And Yeah Leedsforever I have been more active kinda got a second wind from somewhere.
I had Chase over 5 weeks ago and the bleeding was light, heavy, light, etc. When I thought it was all over, it wasn't. Still kind of spotting now too.

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