SOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!


Aug 31, 2006
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im going on my first night out in erm ....:blush: long on sat and i can't wait!!!!

Went into new look and brought sme cropped trousers and a snazzy red top, (just gotta buy some pointed red shoes to complete the look lol!)

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited, night out with the girls and Gav on babystting duty lol!!
imi stop writing so bloody small :rofl: i cant see it :rofl:

im goin out on sat too woooo go us!!!
nah still too small........ *gets magnifier out*

i know!! an the optician says i dont need em!!
OOOOHHH lucky you!

I can not remember the last night out I had with the girls, how really sad is that.

Have a fab night!
im goin to my grannys 75th bday :shock: :rofl:
You need a bag as well Imi :)

I'm going to york 24 of us LOL
sounds fab hun u have a good time have a drink 4 me
I havent been out since madam was born!:cry:

Enjoy yourself hun!xxxx
hey wobbs u wanna come to my grannys 75th :rofl:
:rofl: shud be a laugh is a ladies night at my aunties clubbie upstairs an casino night downstairs :D well be doin bingo wooo!!!
LMFAO if you ladies would like a night out in warrington (Pffffft) Then of course your welcome ...

I for one shan't be drinking ....

Dunno if i want to go now my life is offically ruined! :cry:

and if i EVER hear ANYONE complain about not drinking or getting pissed for 9mths due to PG ill personally kill them .... :hissy::rofl::hissy:

Im NEVER allowed to get pissed again :(

As of today mu limit is 2 units per day .... FUCKERS :hissy::hissy::hissy:

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