Spotting at 8 weeks


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Nov 19, 2012
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Im 8 weeks today and im worried about spotting. Last week i had some brown tinted spotting along with uncomfortable tummy. I phoned epu and they said it wasnt anything to be concerned about. Last night i had pink spotting, and brown this morning. I have a little bit of pelvic discomfort but ita not too bad.

Anyone else experiencing this? I had light pink spotting once with my son but thats it.

Help please!
Around 8 weeks this pregnancy I had some light pink and brown spotting. I think mine was caused by grabbing a 50 pound bag of dog food. It lasted for a few days and then started to stop, but then I had my first ultrasound and it was transvaginal so the spotting came back. The spotting in total lasted a little over a week. The ultrasound showed a baby with a heartbeat and no signs of bleeding, so it was most likely vaginal irritation. I'm 11 weeks nows and haven't had anymore spotting, and as far as I know little one is still ok.
Hi hun
I don't have advice for you. I had a bit of brown spotting around 6 weeks I think but it was possibly caused by taking too much blood thinners like aspirin and nattokinase together. I would suggest taking progesterone pre-emptively cos sometimes a lack of progesterone can cause spotting. Usually spotting isn't dangerous if its not accompanied by cramps. But I know that every bit of spotting / pelvic discomfort can be very unnerving in early pregnancy. Hugs.
Thanks ladies.

It could be anything i suppose, but both times i was shifting boxes, bins and incidentally, kilos of dog food. Maybe just been a little too much. Haven't had sex in over 4 weeks (sorry hubs!) So cand be down to internal irritation. Hopefully there's no more and baby is ok.

Thanks again x

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