Superdrugs Ovulation Tests?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by dawny690, Oct 16, 2008.


Have you used superdrugs own brand ov tests?

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  1. dawny690

    dawny690 Guest

    Has anyone ever used superdrugs own brands of ovulation tests? Im thinking of getting some weekend as I dont know when I ov properly. xx
  2. susan_1981

    susan_1981 Mummy to 2 boys :)

    Aug 29, 2008
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    I haven't but I've seen them in there. Probably best to get some off Ebay as it's a lot cheaper.
  3. dan-o

    dan-o RMC's but mum to 3 now!

    Sep 7, 2008
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    I got the ebay ones, they work fab for me & cost about 15p each :)
  4. dawny690

    dawny690 Guest

    All the ov tests on ebay are paypal only and I dont have a paypal account :cry:
  5. bluey

    bluey Mum of 2 boys

    Oct 9, 2008
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    Hi Dawny, I used Superdrug Ov tests for a month before I started using Clearblue Monitor. Not sure if they were super-sensitive, or if I was just rubbish at reading them accurately, but I interpreted all 5 of them as positives! Poor DH was absolutely axhausted from all the :sex:!!!
  6. Mrs R

    Mrs R Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2008
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    Hi dawny,

    Just wanted to let you know that I got huge false positives on Superdrug's own brand ov tests. Now I could have a hormonal prob but I got positives on them and then had no af for 4 months. WTF?

    Just wanted to let you know because I know they're expensive. If you could stretch just a little bit more I would get Clearblue, seem to have a better reputation.

    Good luck
  7. Guest

    I use fertilityplan on ebay and am pretty sure they accept other forms of payment such as postal orders!
  8. dawny690

    dawny690 Guest

    :happydance: Thanks hun I just found them this morning, and asked them and they do take other payments they said I can put the money into their bank account so Im well chuffed as loads cheaper and I can get some highly sensitive pg tests incase I need them lol :rofl:thanks again hun :hug: x
  9. Guest

    :happydance: I got the HPT's off them too :blush:............. I only got 50 though ! :rofl:

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