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Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by dalrc, Nov 14, 2011.

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    I feel so nervous posting on here because you all seem much more experienced than me but I would just like to ask you ladies for your opinion.
    I'm quite young and this would be my first child if I do get a BFP but I'm still unsure. I'm 13DPO at the moment and I've had BFN everyday from 9DPO onwards.
    Symptoms started at 4DPO but were quite mild.

    7DPO - Cramping, swollen bbs, bloating, headaches and CM
    8DPO - Cramping, swollen bbs, bloating, headaches, CM and my abdomen felt quite hard? I don't know if this is normal or not. Also got a false positive
    9DPO - Really bad cramps, swollen breast, bloating, headaches, CM, hard abdomen and nausea. First BFN
    10DPO - Symptoms died down a bit which I found quite strange, just nausea, headaches and swollen bbs. Another BFN
    11DPO - Cramping again quite bad, swollen bbs, nausea, my muscles started to get sore? not sure if that is normal but my legs, arms and back began to ache and CM. Another BFN
    12DPO - Headaches, swollen bbs, couldn't sleep, cramps, nausea, aching again and CM. Another BFN
    13DPO (today) - Really bad cramps, really swollen bbs, really strong headaches, on and off nausea and dizziness and aching. CM too.

    AF is due tomorrow so I didn't want to waste another test today, I'm kind of sick of seeing negatives now. I feel like such a pain for asking but I have no experience in this, from what you've read would you say those are typical symptoms and it's likely I am? Is 13DPO too late? Would I have had a positive by now?
    I feel like I'm being irritating and symptom spotting too much but I'd just like a second opinion please ladies.

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