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Sep 1, 2006
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hun its the 1st time ive seen u on here in a bit, where u been hiding? :D All ok? :wink:
Hi babe!!!!!

Happy belated birthday hun!!! :hugs:

Yeah all is well thanks babe, just busy with christmas, it was also a year since my Mum died and I have been SOOOOO tired, but found out I have low iron levels :? but apart from all that, I am great!

How's you doing babe, did you have a good christmas and new year?

I wanted to come on and wish everyone a merry christmas and happy new year, but I was too late......I was buried in wrapping, but we were all ready christmas eve!! I can't believe christmas was a week ago already :shock:

What ya been uo to babe? :hugs: x
ahh busy with the festivities :D I thought you got pissed off with all the nutters that are on here :rofl: like me :D

Have u been put on iron tablets? I was anaemic after having Rebecca, it makes you excessively tired-thats all you need.

Anyways enjoy your nite at ur sisters and hope 2 c u back here soon as! :D
Hi babe.....I is back.....

All these bloody nutters......makes me right at home :lol: I wouldn'thave it any other way!

I had my blood test today, I get the results on Thursday afternoon, but Paul has brought me some iron tablets, which he checked out wth the pharmacist along with my other medication, so I took my first one today, just waiting for it to kick in :lol: But I have the GP for proper prescription of one thing or another on Friday! :D

How you doing babe?

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