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Aug 31, 2006
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I have PCOS.

Were getting referred to another hospital but chances are we wont hear anything untill after xmas from them.

She said we hve 4 options, metformin, clomid, ivf and something else i cant remember.
:hugs: im on msn if u need a chat babe xx
:hugs: sorry hun but at least now you can have somthing to help you out now :)

Awww hun I'm so sorry it all must look pretty dull right now :hugs:

I know this is a bit of reality but it can be helped SO much! When I went through my tests although I wanted every single result to be negative (as us all) I hoped if there was 'anthing' it was one that could be controlled & not that dreaded test that there is simply nothing you can do!

Many many hugs - You know where we all are & you know you can rant any time :hugs:

Try & think of the positive side although it can be hard!

AND get a bottle of something tonight & join me for a cyber drink :drunk:
Aww hun I'm sorry to here that

I know it won't be any comfort but at least if they know what the problem is they can work towards tou overcoming it (for want of a better word)

You know we are here for you :hugs:
Already chatted about this, but big hugs :hugs:

Keep your chin up.


oh honey, im so sorry, im on msn just now babe if you need to blether...bxox :hugs:
I agree with what everyone else has said babe!!

But HUGE :hugs: and keep that chin have a good chance of getting it all sorted now babe :wink: :hugs: x
Ive read on another forum of GP's being able to give out metformin so ive got an appointment to see mine on Wed to see if he will give me any.
Im impatient lol.
Dont know if this helps much but you could always look at this another way. At least now you know what the problem is and you can try and fix it. Good luck with gp.
Well he doesnt really want to prescribe me anything untill ive seen the specialist at the infertility unit.
Im happy with that, i wasnt really expecting much anyways.

Hope you dont have to wait to long to get seen hun


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