Traveling in 3rd tri??


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Dec 17, 2007
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My in-laws would loooooove for DH and i to visit them sometime in the next month or two, and we'd love to go as well! Problem...well obvious...i am reaching the end of pregnancy! I know i am going to have to ask my OB about traveling but i am nervous of her saying no :blush: so i want to see if i have any chance to be able to take the trip :lol:

has anyone done any traveling in the 3rd tri? what are the rules? How late in your pregnancy is too late? :D i am 27 weeks now, i hope it's not too late already! we would be traveling to Texas via airplane (or drive...although it would be a 2-3 day drive). Will probably be gone for just a week!

What do you think?:muaha:
Most airlines have their own policies on pregnant woman flying, so if you were to fly, you would have to ask them, usually after 34wks is a no-no I believe. If you were to drive, well it would be up to how you are feeling, travelling in a car for long periods could get uncomfortable I would imagine, but if you really wanted to do it and are happy to, then I can't see how your OB would say no. If it doesn't happen for you, tell your in laws the next time you see them, you will be bringing them their grandchild to see!!
I think I read that usually after 34-36 weeks, you need a Dr.'s note approving you to fly, if you're going by air. I personally wouldn't want to drive for a long time, just for comfort reasons.
Did Amy not travel to spain really late on like 35 weeks or something?? :shrug: I'd just ask what your OB thought :hugs:
Update on this...

Called my OB clinic and was told as long as i go before 34 weeks, i should be ok! after 34 weeks i'd probably need a letter or some sort from my doctor saying it's and let the airlines know they will have a heavily pregnant woman onboard etc.

DH worked out some leave time today and is able to take leave off work near the end of this month! :happydance: so we will likely get to visit in-laws later this month if the time is right for them! im so excited! I'll be around 30-31 weeks for the trip, should be ok methink!

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