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walking yet???


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Sep 1, 2006
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hi i was just wondering when all your babies started walking?? i know that every baby is different and all that just a general question

alexis will be 10 months old on the 7th and she walks holding furniture all the time and push cars a little bit.....can't wait until she starts taking steps :D:D
My cousin was walking by 10 months :shock:
My LO was just a day before 1 yr old when she took her first unaided steps.
My sister's LO is 14 months and only just pulling up on furniture (he is very lazy :lol: )

So there ya go......yours is doing great :D :hugs: xx
My neice is 15 months and still isnt walking unaided.
ah i was secretly hoping she would be walking before halloween lol i had pictures in my head of her walking up to doors lol i think that was a bit much tho haha i am happy with how shes doing she will go when she goes i guess :D good enough for me now to see her pulling up and walking along things :D still can't wait tho haha
B started walking holding on to furniture at 9 months then stated walking properly a week and 3 days ago at 1 yr n 4 days

he looks like a pregnant lady with his woddle lol
Jack isn't walking unaided yet :(
He will walk holding on to his walker thing but he won't even stand up properly if i hold his hands

he is a right lazy little bugger!!!!!
chloe was on her feet by 7 month and waling round furniture etc by 8, then never walked till the day b4 her 1st bday!!!!! so took her aaaaaaggggggeeeeeeeessssssssssss lol
Matthias was 11 months when he walked aided or holding on furniture, but he was about 14 months when he walked alone...

I really miss the time when he sat on the floor playing and stayed on the same spot without moving :roll:

He is at least very creative - at the moment he takes everything he finds in the house and takes it to the bathroom to throw it into the bathtub - o.k. the toilet would be even worse :shock:
Rebecca still aint walking unaided. I blame the laminate flooring for restricting her as she just slides all the time!
Seren started walking a couple of days after her birthday - on New Years Eve :)

Kx - shooshoos or similar are great for laminate, Seren doesn't slip so much when she has hers on :)
Gabriel wasn't walking till 18 months, alisah was about 14 months

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