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Wanna see my house?


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Dec 21, 2006
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Well, sort of.


This is the site plan, and we are getting either plot 42, 43 or 44. If you click on it, you can see the house plan. I have requested plot 42 as the garden is bigger and there is a drive next to it. 43 and 44 have 1 parking space each at the bottom of the gardens and we have 2 cars which would fit on the drive. Also, it is on an incline and 43 and 44 have very sloping gardens with paves steps up the middle. I mentioned to the housing woman that I would be scared to let a toddler out in the garden with these steps, and she agreed. Basically, she has no preference which family goes into which house, and I am the only one who has asked for a specific plot, so fingers crossed, it's ours.[-o< You don't get if you don't ask!

They should be getting the keys at the end of this month, so hopefully we'll be moving in the first or second week of April - just right for the Easter school holidays!! :happydance:
Im confused, did Imiss a post, I remember you saying a little while ago how you had got a house and you were going to be living next door to someone you knew, and you took some pics of you looking round one that was just being finished?

Is this the same one, or did that fall through?
Wow looks good Amanda, well done for bagging the one you want :)
:headspin: :happydance: thats great news Amanda i hope u get the one u want as well!
Im confused, did Imiss a post, I remember you saying a little while ago how you had got a house and you were going to be living next door to someone you knew, and you took some pics of you looking round one that was just being finished?

Is this the same one, or did that fall through?

Sorry, yes, this is the same one. We were initially told it would be ready mid-March, but, although the house is ready, the road is still mud! The site plan shows what it is all going to look like, not what it looks like at the minute. The road we will be living on only goes as far as plot 41 at the minute, then it's mud again! And the houses at the back (37 and 38 ) are just having their roofs put on.

I'll try and get some current pics.
Nice hun, hope it is not long before you can move in! x
Lucky you, Amanda. How exciting!!
We got plot 42!!!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

My cheekiness paid off!!! :happydance:

I rang the housing assocation at lunch, and she told me that the offer letters had just had stamps put on them and were waiting to go in the post! So I asked her which house we had, and she said it was the one I asked for!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

(I'm a little bit happy - can you tell???!!!)
You don't gete anywhere in life without a bit of cheekiness. Congratulations!
hun its lovely i bet you are soooooooooo excited, good on you being cheeky lol
its the same lay out as mine im in bedroom 2 but ours has a little unsuit.
Dior is in bed3 Harley in 1

i bet you cant wait im excited for you:happydance:
More pics I'm afraid!! :blush:

The front again - this is Ruth (my next-door neighbour!) running up to test her doorbell - and it works!!


This is Stu stood in our garden with Ruth being nosey into the detached house next door!! :rofl: You can see how much wider our garden is because we have the driveway.


And this is the other view of the garden - with the shed!!


You can see the slope in the ground here. but Stu's going to sort something out when he turfs it so Charlie can gave a swing up. There are some good things about marrying a greenkeeper!!!

I've also managed to measure all the windows and have ordered blinds for the ones that need them - £240 !! Oops! :blush:

I received the letter on Saturday and we now have a real address, not a plot number, and a postcode!! :rofl:
It looks great hun. Bet you can't wait to get in there.
looks so nice:happydance:

pmsl at your friend ruth you emind me of me and my mum.

when i first moved into my house no one else lived around here so we used to run round seeing what back gates were open so we could go in the back gardens and look through the windows lol like to little kids then gossiping about who had the nicest house:lol: and how they afford them:twisted:
I can't wait to do that Dionne!!!!

We got told off by the security just after these pics were taken. :blush: The road is still blocked off and we broke in!!!
We're signing next Thursday!!!!! So we can be in for Easter!!!! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

But........ BT can't fit the line till the 18th, and then it's costing us £124.99! And then it may take 20 working days for after that for broadband! :shock:

So I may not be around for a while.....
House looks great Amanda. You must be dead excited to move in. :headspin:
Swtch to sky hun if poss!!!

House looks fantastic!! ...

Happy easter to you!!
Wow...How Exciting! Way To Go!
way to go hun the house looks really good
Swtch to sky hun if poss!!!

We can't get Sky Broadband yet.:evil: I'm already registered for them to let me know when they activate the exchange, and then I'll switch.

We're now not moving for another week!! It's never easy is it?

The carpet can't be fitted until the 12th. Not really a problem, but I don't want to move in until all the carpets are fitted. We get the keys at 12.30, the carpet fitter is coming at 1.30 to measure, and then they'll fit them on the 12th. That gives us a whole week to get painted, all kitchen appliances in so they don't dribble on the new carpets, and order all the new furniture we need. We spend £2k yesterday! :shock: Off to B & Q once the rest of the sleepy-heads get up (oh, and it opens!!) to get paint and everything.

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