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I haven't wanted to admit this, but I am currently at 12 and a half stone! I'm a small girl, I don't carry it well. I look absolutely HUGE. I'm not exhagerating either. I know I should lose weight but I can't! I wish I felt alright at this weight untill christmas but it's getting me down. I guess I kind of need one of you to say "stop moaning about it and do something about it!!" I hate it. I really, really hate it. I also hate when people complain about their weight and don't do anything about it, but I am really struggling!
I know exactly how you feel. I'm very short & am 119 lbs! I look & feel horrible.:( I'm just going to say what you & I have probably heard a million times though - you took 9 months to put it on, take 9 months to get it off.
Im 5ft 10 and weigh 10st 9lbs and i'm still unhappy about it. I have mummy podge and it gets me down. But just like you said Toria, i suppose i need to get off my backside and do something about it.

im 5'4'' and i weigh a shocking 13stone i was a size 14 pre preg and im now in size 16 but they are getting a little big but cant get in my 14's :cry: x
i kknow the feeling i need to diet big time
a lot of people say the weight doesn't go off til after weaning and you stop bf. What's annoying for me is that I weigh less now than I did before I got pregnant however I've got this massive tummy thing. It's situps for me I think!
I'm 4'11 and 11 stone (I think). I look really huge, but I've never been slim. Keep looking at the exercise bike but I dont think looking at it s enough!
looking at it is a start Amy! think of it like this...stage 1 - looking, stage 2 - sitting on, stage 3 - using!
I guess I'm lucky then I'm 5ft 2 and when I gave birth I was 13 stone its been 15 days and I'm now 11 stone... Its just dropping off me but I have been dieting a bit...
When I was pregnant I was determined to lose weight cause i've never been so HUGE and i hated it. Now I stick to the 3 meals a day and if i get hungry i have a piece of fruit. Do you have a diet plan?
my god im sooo the same, i am an enormous size 24 and i look like the back end of an elephant and im not exagerating either, i got slimming tablets..but still talk myself into eating when im not hungry or not even taking them!!

I went to the shop this mornin bought loads of crap so i could come home and scoff my face...but also say i cant start a diet yet..i have too much junk food in the house, i desperately want to loose weight but i have no will power...

I need to sort my head out first before i fail again on another faddy diet..i feel the cambridge sachets coming out but then i go from one extreme to the other...loads of food and then NONE!!

h x
i have never admitted this to anyone. But i have huge over hang from having two c-sections and its made me into a size 18 - 20.
I used to be a size 12-14 , and ill never get that back unless i have surgery.
Now thats something to get depressed over https://www.smileyhut.com/sad/crying.gif
:hissy::hissy: ahhhhh i'm huge!!!!! i'm 5ft 7 and i now weigh 13 stone 13 lbs :cry::cry: ive lost a stone since jack was born without trying but i can't stop eating :cry: i'm so hungry all the time and haven't really had the time to start exercising yet. i'm going to join WW next week though cos my MIL and SIL joined a couple of weeks ago so i'm going to go with them. i don't know what size i am cos i used to be about a 10 - 12 but when i came off the pill to TTC i piled on the weight and was about a size 14. i went into town the other day to get something to wear for a Christening this Sunday and a size 16 wouldn't close on me :hissy::hissy: so i ended up getting nothing :cry::cry: i really have to start soon :cry::cry:
I'm in the same boat with you all. I am 5'5 180-185 pounds now, before I was pregnant, I was 150-155 pounds. I thought I was big then, but I would love to be that now. My jean size used to be 11/12 now it's 14 or 15. :hissy: My shirts have to be big because of my enormous chest (F or DD, depending on bra) and the belly I just can't get rid of. I excercised twice last week and I am totally out of shape. I'm ehausted because i work full time, come home to clean house and get things situated for the next day and play with my LO. It's hard finding the time to work out. Eating wise, I really don't think I eat that bad. I know I don't over eat, but I could eat things that are better for me. :blush: I'm hoping I have the energy to work out tonight. I'm so sick of looking like a whale. I'm bigger now than when I was in high school. Damn me for eating all that damn fattening fast food (pop, ice cream, doughnuts, etc... :blush:) when I was pregnant! :dohh:

My goal right now is to lose 5 pounds, then I'll go from there. No reason to set my goals so high that they feel unreachable. I hope all of us reach our goals soon. Good luck...
I am 5'4 and 160lbs dammit lol I need to loose allot I used to be 140lbs and I was tring to loose weight even before being preg
It is depressing. I am 5'0 and used to being petite - 95 lbs. My target weight is 100 lbs. and I will be happy with that as I know the last 5 are easy to lose for me.

I don't eat each much, to tell you the truth. Ate a tad bit more during pregnancy and had no junk cravings so ate junk on a rare occasion. However, I gained 50 lbs. with Chase.

Initial weight loss was fast but now it just keeps even for the longest time, then I lose a pound. This is going to be a slow process. I want my clothes back! :cry:
I know I'm only 12 days post delivery but my weight is already getting to me...:(
I'm 5'7 but have always been a tiny 105 lbs,I've gained a nice 35 lbs more in my pregnancy,lost nearly none.
I'm just sad about it because when I was pregnant I really didn't care at all how much I weight but now...

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