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Mar 13, 2008
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Ok, well i saw the dreaded consultant today although it went really well, which im so glad about, probably the fact it was a different person from the last time

Anyway i asked to be weighed, as everytime ive had midwife etc and asked they have refused, and considering they are all classing my weight as this big problem i just wanted to have it checked again. So he agreed and weighed me, ive only put on 0.9kg now i dont work in kgs im a lb's kind of girl so i have no idea how much i have put on, but it doesnt sound much, and he is really pleased with it, surly i should have put on more weight?
It all depends on how much you weighed to start with. Are they saying you're too skinny or too heavy??

If you were heavy to start with then you should put less weight on than if you were underweight before you were preggy.

I know I shouldn't really be here....! :blush:
Sorry to crash!
I saw the doctor last week, I am very overweight and she is about the same size as me so I thought I would confide in her about my weight issues. I'm just coming up to 19 weeks and I haven't put on any weight yet. I thought that was a good thing due to my high start weight. However there were ketones in my water which she said was because I wasn't eating enough and my body had started to break down stored fat which is bad for the baby! :cry:
I feel like I can't win! I've been advised to eat 6 to 7 small meals a day... She said to expect to put on around 25 pounds by full term which is made up from baby, placenta, increased blood volume, uterus, amniotic fluid & water retention!
Now I've been signed off with unstable blood sugar which suggests gestational diabetes, so I'm even more paranoid about what I eat! :dohh:

Hope all goes well for you and don't beat yourself up, IMO whatever you do there will be someone to say its wrong... xxx :hugs:
Thanks girls i understand it a little better now :D I am on the heavy side, so glad it's normal not to have put on to much weight. xx
Hope all goes well for you and don't beat yourself up, IMO whatever you do there will be someone to say its wrong... xxx :hugs:

Totally agree with that, you can never do anything right in pregnancy you just have to go with your own instincts i think. So long as you're eating healthily then there is nothing more that you can do!! :hugs:
If you were bigger to start with, its not an issue. I know someone who lost 15lbs by the time she had her baby, and she had a 9lb baby. Just make sure you aren't starving yourself!

If you were really skinny and you've still only gained 2.2lbs, that would be an issue.
You might be one of these lucky girls who find that they end up slimmer after the baby is born!!! My SIL was carrying a little extra, gained very little during her pregnancy and ended up being lighter than she was at the start!!!

I dont think baby will go without anything - think of all the women who are really sick the whole way through. Baby will find the nutrients from you!!

Awww thanks, thats good to know, oooo how i'd love to be a skinny minny after!! ha ha, i think it's near impossible, but be nice to have lost a little weight!! LOL

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