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My midwife is worried because I actually lost weight in the first 3 months. I guess she is even more worried because of my history with an eating disorder. But for the most part I eat what I can when I can. Morning sickness and being in school full time make it hard to eat a whole lot. But I am eating the same as before if not more. I just don't know what to do... She has me on weight check once a week now but as soon as I lose just one more pound it will be a daily weight check at school with the nurse there. I mean I know she is worried but did anyone else lose weight and was fine... Particularly some with an eating disorder history would be really pleasant to talk to...

Thank you...

P.S. I am just really nervous cause there talking about psych evaluation and admittance to the hospital already. She said I should start gaining about a half pound to a pound a week now...
hey there huni... i lost 2 1/5 kilos in 4 weeks.... no idea how or why but i did.. this was from week 7 to week 11... doctor said not sure why but i need to eat more.... and watch that i am heating healthy.... so yeah... not sure babe.. everything seems to be ok here :)
The only thing is I lost that in about 2 weeks. I know everything is ok with bubs... Maybe i should ask her about thyroid cause of how tired and cold I have been too... I dont no lol. Just got to think optimistic and heavy i guess lol.
Hi hun. I had an eating disorder in my early 20's - and even though i think i will always be obsessed about my weight i have it under control now. When i was pg with dd i lost about 1 stone in 3 weeks. Baby was fine.....GP raised his eyebrow at me when he realised i had lost weight but i managed to reassure him that i wasn't not eating or putting baby's life in danger.
i think so long as you are eating healthily hun baby will be fine. Apparently your metabolism is higher in pregnancy (i think thats right) so you are burning stuff off quicker. Hope you are ok hun. xxx
i have lost weight coz of m/s 6 pounds in 3 weeks :( my clothes r hanging off me, and with aving twins on the way im suppost to eat an extra 300 - 600 cals more than any1 expecting a single baby! its jst not happening xx
I was told in the first trimester it was not unusual to gain no weight or lose a bit of weight - I'm hoping for lose lol but I'm so hungry I'm sure it won't happen.
Ive lost weight so far since ive been pg, but its only a couple of pounds so not like you.

Im sure if your not not eating or putting yourself on a diet you will be fine x
Yeah I know for the most part I am eating healthy I eat breakfast most days and have lunch and dinner if I am not completely feeling sick. I also have at least one snack a day... Apparently my blood levels tell her I am not eating enough though as my electrolytes are going all over the place... So now I am on complete watch and get weighed 3 times a week and if I dont start gaining in the next month I am being admitted... Its just scary cause I am trying to eat so hard but with all this nausea I can barely eat anything without gagging. Thanks for your support though.
I'm quite worried with my eating disorder history to be honest because i don't want to be hurting my baby. I'm still early but i've lost weight in the last week, its strange for me because i've been around the same weight for a good 6 months.

I know with m/s its hard to eat but if your eating healthy and enough i'm sure it'll be ok x
i lost nearly a stone in the first tri...now im not exactly a skinny minny any way but mw has never weighed me as they dont go by weight no more asit can be so different....i stil havent put any weight back on and bubs is absolutly fine...try and eat little and often if u can but as long as ur not starving urself to loose the weight and its jus happning naturally then ur fine hun xxx
my sis lost loads in first tri and im loosing weight aswell hun im sure all will be fine xxxxxx
I've lost quite a bit of weight in the first tri - it's hard to gain anything when you can't keep anything down. As long as you know you're trying to get it down, then you'll be ok. Do you like Avocados? They don't smell like anything, just taste fresh and they're full of good fats. I've been eating them like crazy.
I have lost about 10 pounds maybe more (she wont let me see the scale anymore) since the first time she weighed me which was 3 weeks ago... I am just really nervous that maybe I think I am eating fine but I am really not as my oppion of fine has not always been normal. I am not purging but maybe I need counseling again to know what is right to eat again... I am just so worried...
:hugs: maybe go and c her or ur doc and have a chat about it hunni xxxxxxxx
I lost a stone through MS between weeks 5 - 11, although I'm gaining now baby is growing and I can eat again.

Electrolyte imbalance (the complex balance of salts in the body) can occur for a multitude of reasons. The potassium salt in particular often goes low in eating disorders (and for many other reasons too). There's a documented syndrome (albeit a little-known one) called Re-Feeding Syndrome where if you start to eat again after a prolonged episode of not eating (e.g. eating disorders, prisoners of war) your electrolytes are thrown off, particularly your phosphate salt which can go really low. They also go low in eating disorders which is probably why everyone is fretting. Your midwife is unlikely be aware of this condition although your GP may be - it's important to be excluded as management of someone not eating enough because of an eating disorder vs management of someone with an eating disorder trying to eat is very different. If you're feeling tired and cold and it was thyroid related, it would be more likely to be an underactive thyroid which would make you gain weight - however, the thyroid tests are done by the same dept. that do the electrolytes so if they're being tested, it's a simple test to add on.

I've got a really good article from the British Medical Journal (BMJ 2008;336:1495-1498 (28 June), doi:10.1136/bmj.a301) - unfortunately can't put a link as it's access via a password but here are some key extracts from it. I've edited it to translate the worst of the medical jargon.

"Refeeding syndrome can be defined as the potentially extremely serious shifts in fluids and electrolytes that may occur in malnourished patients receiving feeding. These shifts result from hormonal and metabolic changes and may cause serious clinical complications. The hallmark biochemical feature of refeeding syndrome is hypophosphataemia (a low phosphate salt). However, the syndrome is complex and may also feature abnormal sodium and fluid balance; changes in glucose, protein, and fat metabolism; thiamine (vitamin)deficiency; hypokalaemia (low potassium salt); and hypomagnesaemia (low magnesium salt).

What electrolytes and minerals are involved in the process?
In refeeding syndrome, chronic whole body depletion of phosphorus occurs.

Potassium, is also depleted in undernutrition. Again, serum (blood) concentration may remain normal.

Magnesium, .......can also become deficient.

Glucose (sugar)
Glucose intake after a period of starvation suppresses normal body control of blood sugars.

Vitamin deficiency
Although all vitamin deficiencies may occur at variable rates with inadequate intake, thiamine is of most importance in complications of refeeding.

Sodium, nitrogen, and fluid
Changes in carbohydrate metabolism have a profound effect on sodium and water balance. The introduction of carbohydrate to a diet leads to a rapid decrease in kidney excretion of sodium (salt) and water."

These are the current UK guidelines https://www.gserve.nice.org.uk/nicemedia/pdf/word/CG032NICEguideline.doc - around about p17 is the stuff on refeeding syndrome.

Being pregnant during/after an eating disorder is difficult as you lose a lot of control. These days, Psychiatric involvement doesn't mean you're crazy - a Psychiatrist will have a really good knowledge of eating disorders and be able to help you through this along with your GP and midwife. Have a talk with your GP who can work out how many calories you're getting in a day and give you some objective advice - and who can advise you on how many calories to aim for. 2000 in a day would be sufficient for most of us, however, if you've been malnourished you might need to reintroduce calories cautiously. :hug:
Wow holly that helped a whole lot. Thanks for all that information. I will have to talk to her about that. The only reason my midwife knows about it is because it is all in the same hospital as my main gp and everything gets sent to her for my records plus I told my intake doctor. I will have to talk to her about the re-feeding thing because before finding out I was pregnant I was eating less then 400 calories a day so that could be it as most of them were liquid too. I estimate lately I have been eating between 1200 to 2000 on average which for me is a miracle step. I guess I may have to up it or lower it or I am not sure. I deffinately should talk to her though and get reinstated with my psychiatrist that specializes in eating disorders and my dietician which also specializes in eating disorders to be on the safe side and no what I have to eat again... Thank you so much though this is the best information I have recieved on this.

<3 Kelly
Ive gained 9 lbs already Im a cow , my size 7 jeans still fit I think Ive gained all the weight in my boobs and my belly . even though Im sick alot of times Im also hungry alot .
Haha sadly i wish i could gain weight lol. I can only lose. The weird part is though the pants are still tighter around the lower belly so i know little bubs is growing lol.
I'm quite worried with my eating disorder history to be honest because i don't want to be hurting my baby. I'm still early but i've lost weight in the last week, its strange for me because i've been around the same weight for a good 6 months.

I know with m/s its hard to eat but if your eating healthy and enough i'm sure it'll be ok x

What eating disorder do you suffer from? Bulimia or Anorexia?
I would suggest you talking to your doctor first of all, who will then put you in contact with either a Dietican to help you get all the right foods you need or a Psychologist for support and mental help. It may sound a bit daunting but Iv been in the situation and trust me talking it threw with a proffesional really does help. I had my eating disorder for over two years and with just three months of seeing a psychologist, Im well on the way to being fully recoverd.
You've got to think, Its not just you now, You have to think of your baby.

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