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Sep 1, 2006
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what a horrible day i had :S it was the worst ever lol first off my dog had to go to the vet for the day...which is ok....then i had to work at 5 my bf didn't get home from work :evil: so i had to bring alexis to the neighbors, then go to work then LEAVE work to go pick up paco (my dog) from the vet, bring him home, go BACK to work (OH is still not home at this time) THEN lol i am mopping the floor in my work and tip over the whole mop bucket, water everywhere as i stand there wondering should i laugh or cry... AND then this lady comes in wanting a frozen carrot cake (by this time OH has come home and i've called and yelled at him and we are fighting) so the lady wants this damn cake out of the VERY back of the freezer and i looked in, there are 3 huge trolley things and a shit load of boxes between me and the cakes, and i went back out and told her i can't get into them, and she started getting all pissy like i just want to buy a cake why is that so hard being really awful, and i said well...i pregnant and i'm not climbing over to get the damn cake (didn't say damn lol) and then i went and got someone else to get the cake after her arguing with me that its my job to get it blah blah....so the guy gets the cake and leaves and she said to me thanks have a good weekend all bitchy like, so i didn't answer her, then 45 minutes later one of the managers came and tells me the lady had JUST left the store crying!!! what a lunatic if you ask me....all because i didn't say have a good weekend to her.....she must have been insane...and then i got home and had a bubble bath lol and now i am off to bed....just wanted to rant a bit and vent about my day.... oh yeah... OH was in bed when i came home so hopefully we are not still fighting tomorrow :? lol thanks for listening (reading?? lol)
Awwwww hun!!! :hugs:

Hope today is a better day for you babe!!!! xx
thanks lol its all kinda comical now :D today has so far been better, but seeing its only 11am lol could go either way :D:D:D:D :thumpup:

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