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What can I do?


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Aug 31, 2006
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I won an item on eBay & this morning I had a card to say postage needed to be paid or wasn't enough paid an I have to give them money to collect it! WTF

It has to be the eBay item as I'm not expecting anything else!

this happened 2 me n i paid it n emailed the person n they refunded teh difference!
It's gonna cost me about £7/£8 in a taxi too :evil:
aaargh ffs!!!!im luck i stay in town centre so was fine 4 me can u no email the person n explain tht 2 thm?
I'll trottle the ******* if it's his fault! How can a PO not charge the right amount & then Royal mail charge YOU ffs!

I'm gonna be giving a few ear bashings Monday :x
cos there tossers!!!! its prob all 2 do we the diff sizes etc now, bloody fortune 2 send things these days.
i do a lot of ebay and havent really noticed any difference pls im being charged different amounts at different post offices

i get charge nearly £4 for two leapster games or vsmile,yesterday sold a leapster system and a game and it came to just over £4 :?
The girl rang me :shock:

How did she get my number :shock:

Gave me the postage back - She has proof & is fuming so all sorted thankfully & she sounded really genuine & embarrassed :oops:
people can request ur info on ebay if wen u registered u put ur phone no shed get it, u shud have got an email wi her details 2 tho, thts how i found tht w****** address!!!
Wobbles that's good she phoned you, and was genuine, just a pain in the arse tho eh!

U always get taxis,r you too posh to use the buses?lol :D
Right then Vicky! :thumpup:

How you work that out :rofl:

PS: Was good she rang & sorted it! Just have to wait for postie to bring it I was suppose to go collect it or send cheque but the nice man said "ahhhhh give it to the driver" :lol:
I've had this prob before - postage was stuck on a rubbishy plastic bag and came off. So I paid the seller and the PO. Seller didn't want to know as they said they'd put postage on, but they wouldn't give me proof. They hadn't rated me either so I knew if I bad rated them they'd do the same back so I waited and eventually they did good rate me so I bad rated the barstewards :lol:
email the seller if they do not do out email paypal and put a dispute in
Good Good!! These things do happen, but as long as it gets sorted, that is all that matters!

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