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What Christmassy things have you done today?

Our church put on a showing of the Grinch tonight, with hot chocolate and popcorn. Afterwards we went driving around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas carols.

First Christmas related activity of the season.
Went skating at "Winter Wonderland". It doesn't get cold enough where I live for outdoor ice skating in the winter, so the arena brings the outside inside every year with like 100 real trees, logs to sit on, lights, inflatable decorations and Christmas music.
Yesterday was our first skate of the year.

Also yesterday was the Christmas parade we went to with friends. It was much better than previous years and only had one random car trapped ib the parade accidentally this year LOL
Wrapped all the presents for those who don't live with us. I still need to get a box of biscuits or chocolates or something for my mum and her husband so will wrap those then, but other than that it's done. I need to find an appropriately sized box to send my best friend's gifts in
Wrote Christmas cards and took the ones for people at work in this evening
Cute bedding!

I had works Xmas fair and my youngests schools Xmas fair.
Went to the annual Santa train. Our farmers market has a small electric train that holds about 15 passengers that runs once a week in the summer, and then two nights in december the track gets decorated with lights and it runs by donation to the food bank.

On the way home we stopped to look at Christmas lights.

Now the kids are watching a Christmas movie before bed.
Yesterday we went to a Christmas lights drive through and today we drove around the city counting giant inflatable Santas (this one street is having a competition and there are 36 Santas!)
Ahh love the wrapping!
I got the rest of my Christmas cards today and wrote them all this eve, it really makes me feel Christmassy doing that for some reason.

Going to the Aston Villa members kids Christmas party tomorrow with R, he is SUPER excited. Hoping it'll be festive and lovely even if I do have to be subjected to a whole room full of vile fans :haha:
Been working our way through the Christmas puzzles the last few days
Went to garden centre for lunch with OH. Purchased some tree decorations then came home and did a bit more wrapping.
I still need to find paper for the boys presents but can't see any I love.

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