What is he upset for? 14 months

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    Hello. My son is 14 months and he is possibly trying to drop his afternoon nap but he is really unsettled. He's never been good at going to bed early. We have tried and it has been tricky as my then 3 year old was going through a bad year of settling at bed time. He ended up having to wait until she was asleep or i would end up with 2 crying kids. He wasn't exactly ready for bed anyway and has always sat downstairs until 9.30 at night roughly sometimes 10.00 Before he gives signs of being tired. He will then go up and settle with a bottle (follow on or cows milk now) then he will go to sleep. Some times it takes longer.

    He can't fall asleep without us there but we don't mind staying with him until he does.

    He usually wakes still once a night at 2amish for a bit of milk or a drink. My partner changes his nappy because our son never liked a wet nappy as a small baby. I do feel he perhaps should of stopped changing it in the early hours as it's not full full but he does still do it now he's older.

    He wakes up about 7.30am and has a morning sleep about 10. Then he used to have a sleep anywhere between 1.30 and 3 in the afternoon. It seems like the afternoon one is not happening easily now. This week he has been clingy and crying most of the afternoon . He eventually has a small sleep and wakes up to carry on whinging. He's worse when his sister is at nursery. I have noticed that.

    The last 3 nights he is crying in the night. I have been putting him in our bed,because I understand after going through it with my first that fighting them getting in bed with you can lead to you all getting no sleep and everyone emotional at 3am. He seems to want to be close to me more than his dad. He keeps resting his head on me for a bit, drifting, then waking up fully and hitting us away and crying. It goes on for ages.

    We have all been unwell most the year so far. But he's in a healthier stage as far as I can see. No temp. No cough. He has 12 teeth. No sign of the sharp fangs (forgot the name) way to early for the back ones and no sign. He's not rubbing his ears. He's pooing and eating fine.

    I know his routine isn't the ideal one for a one year old. I know it was the struggles with my eldest that meant we couldn't focus as well on this with him. I think we need to tweak his naps. If I can get him to give up The morning one and he slept after dinner. Would an early bedtime then work Maybe??
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    You may need to move this thread as I'm not sure you'll get the most relevant answers here in weaning and nutrition.

    Firstly I think as there are a lot of developmental changes at this age it might be nothing to do with naps and routine. Can he walk yet, what about talking? Talking and walking take lots of brain growth and this can really upset sleep for a while, so if you think he's on the verge of learning a new skill you might want to forget about trying to fix things and just go with the flow for a while.

    If that doesn't seem to be working it is possible that he's trying to consolidate two naps in to one. This might work well for you if you want to go for an earlier bedtime (to get in to a routine for nursery/school for example). However it takes a while for them to get used to it so you'll quite often get upset afternoons/evenings and loss of appetite for evening meal.
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    Moved to toddlers section as you'll get more responses there :)
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    It sounds like you're being very responsive to his needs. I agree with above that it could just be developmental and not to do with naps and routines. I would do what you think might help with the naps. Give it a few days to see if it's helping or not. If it's developmental, I think going along with the flow of what he needs, as you are, is about all you can do.

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