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what wipes do you all use?


lucky mum of one of each!
Aug 31, 2006
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i use boots own brand(the ones that are always on BOGOF lol) i used 2 use pampers, but with 2 its far too expensive to pay £2.70 for 1 pack of wipes!!! teh boots ones are £1.99 and always on offer, plus u get advantage card points! :D
I also use the boots ones for sensitive skin in the pale blue packets, love the double points!
oh i use the purple ones lol, the fragrence free ones :D
johnsons with aloe vera :blush:
When I am out the house I use the simple ones, in the house I use reusables
I use pampers wipes to clean & remove stains ... which is quite worrying when I think about using it on my babies bum!!
morrisons own, fragrance free. they are fab!

whatever ones are on offer !!!! but usually get the johnsons with aleo vera...yum!
My favs are Huggies cotton wool and water wipes, I stock up when they are 241. If not I like Simple or boots own. Hate Johnsons and Pampers.
I think they are all a hidious rip off and more expensive than nappies! I bought tesco value ones one and never again they are so thin mess goes through onto your hand!! Now I use reusable wipes made with terry and fleece and I have a spray bottle with home made solution in to use when out and about.
the lidl ones i use are fab they are really thick and arent really soaking wet when you get near the bottom of the packet. I only use spar ones when ive run out of lidl ones cos its handy but i hate when you get to the bottom of the pack they are soaking wet :lol:
nature boy and girls they are in boots
I use tesco own, just tried simple ones 'cos they on offer, but often use cotton wool and water.
Huggies cotton wipes ....

I stock up on offers in boots and asda just got 3 big boxes lol £5 each with 6 packets in a box, BARGIN!!

i use cotton wool and water or reusable wipes when im at home or i use pampers sensitive when im out (my mum bought me about 20 packs when i was pg and i havent run out yet!)

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