when did you LO get their forst tooth ?


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Sep 1, 2006
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Ella is nearly 10 months old and she still has no teeth and no bumps or anything so none on the way yet!
We had out first two around 10mths :S they appeared all of a sudden, so be prepared, some of the things we used to ease it was ...

Ashton and parsons Powders,
Dentinox teething gel
woodards gel


im sure chloe was like 10 month 2, and like cats LO hers came in so quick after the 1st!!
i think alexis was around 9 months when she got her first and now shes 10 1/2 months and has 5 :shock: lol
Jack was about 5 month when he got his first, he has his 5th coming through now
Coby got his first at 7 months.

he has got 4 now

kacy came at a surpise too she got hers at 7 months old
Hi Lauz,

Jamie cut his first tooth last week & his second one will prob make an appearence in about a weels or so's time. (he's just turned 6 months)
Ella cut her first one at 4 months and has had 8 since 7 months. Nothing at all since :s
Jamie cut his first tooth at 8 months old, Was going to also say the same as Cat, it appeared all of a sudden ! He has been really irriatable for days now which i put down to teething but couldnt see any signs of any more teeth, However today he wakes up with a little peg right below the gum and is just about breaking through !! :)
ooo so it may just appear outta the blue! She has a tiny white dot on her top gum, its been there for a while but more visible recently, so that may cut throught soon!

Think she is too busy mastering walking at the mo, she does about 4 steps then thinks "sod this" its quicker to crawl!
Seren cut her first one at 10 months and a week later had her second. There was no warning, just appeared.
Dior cut 2 at the same time just before she was 6months. she was 5 weeks early too so it was quite young i suppose. Harley is showing all the signs even chews my nose :? but still nothing.
aww I cant wai til she gets her peggy's there so cute
They will probably come thru all at once! :D

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