Whose still TTC'ing?


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Sep 10, 2006
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Just wondered if there was anyone left TTC'ing , I'm feeling a bit lonely as every one has their BFP! Even Paradysso has hers now!
Sooo not fair:hissy: but so pleased for everyone!:happydance:

Please let me know i'm not the one still left behind??:cry:
Hi there :hi:
I'm still with you....even though I don't wanna be :hissy: :hissy: - no offence
I don't think it will be my month either, dh wasn't up for bd-ing this weekend and I am convinced I was ov-ing. I am not holding out much hope of getting my BFP in 2 weeks time.

u will get a bfp soon! it semms to be a lucky month fo alot of people. a mate of mine got a BFP the day before me. and quite a few i chat to online have got BFP after ttc for over 2 years so there must be some thing in the water at the minute lol
Yeah I'm still here too - got my AF on Saturday after 7 days!!! :hissy:

No idea what happended there!

Kate x
There's a few of us then, :hugs:

Hopefully there will be some BFP's soon

aw hun, you'll get there, dont give up ^_^

I'm not sure if i'm ttc or not at the mo, lol. cd154, woo... -_- But yeah, I applied and got into uni for october but i've started really wanting a baby again, lol. I'm hopeless ^_^
Hubby has told me that if i dont concieve by ther time Ewan is 2 then we will stop trying and i have to go and get a coil fitted.
Im not with you any more, am looking at uni too now......... unless this month is my really lucky month! ((((crosses fingers)))) It all started to get me down :-(

Everyone seems to have to the BFP recently, Keep your chin up....Im sure you'll get there
awww hun how come your OH said that ? Is it just to give you a break or is that final ? Anyway got to make space for me in october :) Im keeping everything crossed for you hunny. how long have you been trying ?
:hugs: Im here.....Still TTC for Baby Number 1. I guess I dont post much in here cause I try not to think about it. It only makes it that much harder for me. The more I think about it, the harder it stings when the :witch: gets me. Altho the more I TTC the more I get the stupid phantom symptoms that get my hopes up......:hugs:

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