Why Babies Should Come With a Manual...

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Nela, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Okay, I feel like an absolute moron... :nope:

    My son has been looking much more alert these days. Because we've had a rough go at it (he suffers from bad reflux and constipation so he cries/screams a lot), I've been trying to bond with him by making the times he's awake more fun. This means I've been showing him all his toys, putting him in this chair, in that swing, up, down, left, right. Been putting him on his tummy, doing exercises, putting music on, etc. etc. I couldn't understand why everything was fun for 2mins and then he'd be screaming again. I couldn't understand why since I couldn't find any reflux symtoms... I was getting frustrated about him always screaming whether he's in pain or not. I even started crying because it seems to always happen when I'm alone with him. Thought he hates me... After having tried everything, I finally resorted to swaddling (I always keep this as a last resort type thing for some reason :dohh:) and PAF instant relief and he dozed off to sleep. I had to check that I didn't asphyxiate the poor thing. :blush: Confused, I did some research...


    Looked at my son...



    :blush: :dohh:

    (I always do more when I'm alone with him because I don't want him bored and he doesn't need to share the attenion... I would say mission accomplished? :dohh:)
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    I wish i could still swaddle my son!! We started at 8 weeks and he sttn from 9 weeks until 17 weeks when he learnt how to break out of every swaddle blanket we could find and even now his sleep is terrible!! I keep hoping it will get better! :(

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