Worried about telling parents/people [also in teen]

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by kandyfloss, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Basically I wanted to reassure a few people who are a bit nervous about telling family/friends etc

    I was bought up by my 'dad' from a baby, but when I turned 5ish he got in with drugs and crime, and ended up in out of jail for about 6 years. When he finally came out Id built a relationship with my real dad, and my 'dad' wasnt really bothered about being a stable part of my life anymore.

    Well now Im 17 and 37 weeks [yay] pregnant, I decided that even though hes only been in and out of my life when it suited him recently he still has the right to know. With him being bit of a idiot I was pooping myself. Thinking he'd try to change my mind.

    Well just told him and.... he was sooo excited, saying Im a grandad, ahh a little boy, what shall I buy him ? even offered to buy us anything left we needed.

    So yes Im not expecting miracles but it went well, and I worried for 9 months over nothing. Even if it doesnt go like that for you, Im sure people will come round to the idea for some it just takes a while. You will feel a million times lighter once youve done it, which is exactly what you need when theres already extra weight on/in you

    Sorry its sooo looongg xxx

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