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May 22, 2007
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im new to the site and ive been reading all about symptoms of pregnancy that you guys are having, but I dont seem to have anything that bad really and im beginning to worry now

ive felt sicky a couple of times, and im really tired, but thats about it.

Ive only been to see the mw when I was 6 weeks, and basically all she said is they will book me in for when im 12 weeks. Not very reassuring cause this is my first.

Dont know what to expect and have no confirmation now from mw til 18th June :hissy:
Have you not read any of my posts? :rofl:

I have had no sickness the odd nausea feeling the longest it lasted was about 15 minutes last week I think it was an that was it. I have tired sometimes its not as bad either & sore boobies although again they go up & down which paniced me a few times.


No pain or shows of blood is an excellant sign however should you feel concerned about anything see your GP.
Thanks, sounds like im very similar to you. Ive had no pain or blood (thank god!) just thinking sometimes I should feel more than I do! Guess im just a bit paranoid x
hey heather please dont stress out over not having too many symptoms... i didnt have anything at all till 10weeks with rhys... it will soon fly by and you'll be puking your little heart out soon enough!!!! and if you're one of the lucky ones who dont get morning sickness im officially jealous lol!!!!
I was the same hun although I would probably moan moan moan I wanted the sicky feeling. Seems to be the first thing you relate to [pregnancy & the first thing people ask ... "have you got much sickness". I have a bad history & I've had blood in discharge for weeks ARGH. But 2 scans were ok at 6.6 & 8 weeks & now the doppler has really put my mind at rest.

thanks for your help

think I just need to get my booking in appointment done and I'll feel a bit more relaxed....feel like im just abandoned at the moment x
it seems to me that they dont really get involved until you have a scan...

i was worried they didnt believe me lol
thats how I feel , its like they arent interested at all until your 12 weeks..which isnt very great for how im feeling. Ive not told anyone yet apart from my OH, and although he tries to reassure me he doesnt know much about pregnancy the same as me. Its difficult, hopefully next few weeks will fly in quickly!
Well I hope the forum can help put your mind at ease over the next few weeks an onwards Heather.

Brill bunch here - I could be saying that coz I opened BabyandBump but I can honestly say without some of these girls I'd have gone nutty by now x
ive felt sicky a couple of times, and im really tired, but thats about it.

theya re two of the most powerful ones you can have, along with sore boobs, but i didnt get those.

best of luck hun, im sure everything is fine

well from what Ive heard so far everyone sounds great and very helpful, which is what I need right now.

Im really glad you started the site :)
Terrie your right I am a bit of a nutter LOL

I'll be worrying about everything, just cause its all new to me
Im worried sick one day i feel pregnant an some days i dont! Your not alone hun:hugs:

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