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Aug 31, 2006
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Share your bump pictures with others as you journey through the First Trimester! :D

me 22 weeks with marley
Mum2Boys said:

me 22 weeks with marley
That's quite a bump for just over 5 months pregnant.
A friend of mine is almost 6 months and she is barely showing, atleast not from the front lol, maybe if she stands to the side she would look huge! :) cute bum p ya got going on there tho!
Bless x
Wow theres not many in here is there?

Ok here's me with Number 2!

Me at 5 weeks+3 Days - No sign of a bump!

Me at 12 Weeks + 2 Days
See my belly looks like your seond pic only with bigger hips :rofl:
4wks +2 i thought id share my pics each month so you can see.....
I look 6 months ... an that was before my BFP :dohh: LOL :rofl:
i have nothing to post yet, my cloithes are getting tighter but no bump as yet, i didnt start showing with Coby untill 9 weeks so another couple of weeks and i might have something to post! :)

See I'm due moro:


{removed pic was taking piss lol}
Aw, look at these little bumps. I've been waiting for you to post yours up Wobbles. Ya think it's huge now, give yourself another 30 weeks and then see! :rofl:
Thats not baby thats why I'm called Wobbles :rofl:

Although I do seem a little more plump (cant hold it in)!! Dunno if thats imagination x
Probably not your imagination. I was in maternity gear from 8 weeks :shock:
Hey calling me chubby??? i was in mat gear 8wks bth times!!

You can see the deffintion line of a bumb forming ... sooooooo cute!

Yer OHs saying he sees a difference defo ...

lol be prepared for a 12lber :rofl: u can def see bump forming!!!!
I was holding my belly in too :blush: It just doesn't go in any more :wacko:
w8 till ur 30 weeks n tryin 2 hold it in :rofl: thts a laugh n a half!!!!
Hell yeah! :rofl: and you're crashing it into things like doorways and people cos you don't realise how big you are!

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