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yummy mummies dating support group


mummy to zane and corey
Jun 19, 2008
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I made this thread because i was supposed to be going on my first date as a single mum. it didnt work out lol
I have now met other gorgeous mummy's who are ready to date, so have now decided to create a dating support thread where we can share out worrys, fears and fun :D
Hi ladies, how is everyone?
I've not been on here in so long, so here's abit about me. When Zane was 2 my husband died and then found out I was pregnant.
That was 2 yrs ago.

Never thought I'd be ready to "move on"
But in October I decided I was sick of being lonely, after all we all no what that's like in here :(
I'm 24 and I had a 19 yr old interested in me lol so thought I'd get abit of flirty txt practice in, he was a nice lad but nothing happened.

I went out Saturday and had my first kiss, I thought I'd feel horrible but I felt nothing, which for me felt great lol
I then met another lad who's 22, he asked for my number.
He then started to txt me and because I didn't think I'd be interested I told him I have 2 kids, he then asked where their dad was, so I told him.

It didn't scare him away and he's asked me to go on a date! I'm so excited.

But it's bought up a lot of fears for me. I haven't been with a man in 2 yrs, and since the last time I've had another baby! My bodies changed so much, and lets face it not everyone can get to the gym when they have 2 young children.

I'm freakin out lol any advise would be greatly appreciated lol
Aww hun I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm really glad you're ready to move on :)

Hmm the best advice I can give is try not to worry, and just enjoy yourself. I'm a worrier when it comes to things like that. When they sit staring at me or into my eyes it WEIRDS me the hell out because I start thinking omg what's wrong with me what have they seen they're staring at have I had a huge spot appear on my forehead or has my mascara ran etc. I'm terrible :haha: I'm like it most of the time though and I really wish I didn't. As for your body..He's seen you as you are now, and has still asked you on a date and if he was going to judge you on how you look..He doesn't deserve you anyway.x
I no I'm being silly lol most men don't even see the flaws that we see lol
And I haven't even been on the first date and I'm worrying lol I am also a worrier about really random things haha
I was really shocked after I said about I have kids that he was still interested, he did then point out single mums aren't rare and he was so sweet when I told him about my husband.

I also never thought I'd go for someone younger haha but he's so funny.

It's the weirdest feeling because I'm excited and even from the texts I like him, but then I still love Thomas, my husband and miss him so much.
Think I'm in shock haha can't believe I'm actually going on a date!!!! Lol
Nor they don't the guy I'm now with didn't even notice my stretch marks I was like are you serious?! Until I pointed a few out he hasn't seen or felt them, but luckily they don't bother me anymore as such anyway :)

I was the same when I was first a single mum it upset me thinking no one would ever want me and I'd forever be alone with a baby. It really wasn't the case there's so many guys I've met that haven't been bothered I have kids, as mean as it sounds I was just never interested back so never took it any further than a couple of conversations on Facebook or texts lol.

I think that's totally understandable and you'll always live your husband but he'd want you to be happy regardless and to move on if it made you happy, I don't think anyone would wish the loneliness on anyone :hugs:

I hope it all goes well you'll definitely have to update :D x
I've got so many stretch marks, and they wouldn't bother me if I actually got myself fit and toned up my stomach, which I really need to do and maybe the thought of someone seeing it might make me sort it lol I'm just so lazy hahaha

My mum said I could have a hundred kids and men would still want me lol but she's my mum, she has to think I'm gorgeous :)
I will definitely be updating on here, probably soon as I get home off the date lol
He's not even my type, but he's certainly making up for that with the texts.
Eekk! Lol
Yeah I know what you mean lol its not easy though you're looking after 2 kids all day and its so tiring you don't have the energy for the gym aswell. I'm usually KO'd as soon as they're asleep :haha: I've been really lucky so far to be able to keep quite a good figure with zero work upto now, but I know getting older I'm gonna have to start doing something its not like it used to be I could just eat what I wanted and not put a lb on, now I put about a stone on just looking at food :haha:
Aww that's so sweet she's probably right though :) haha
I'm excited for you :haha: I never get time for proper dates and when I do get the time I sit and think I could go on a date..or I can have a bath and an early night and a full nights sleep..Sleep usually wins so I let the OH come and just cuddle me to sleep rather than going out :rofl: x
I'm underweight :( need to gain weight and tone up. It's not going to be easy lol but yeah I'd always choose a full time sleep haha

The night I met him, I was wearing a moustache haha so I must look good to pull that off haha he texts me and I can't stop grinning like a teenager lol that's the bad thing about it not being till Wednesday, I've got time to build it up in my head and worry!

Damn me lol
Haha I won't ask why you were wearing a moustache ;) :haha:

Ask to meet up for a coffee before then? I do that I psych myself out a little, and think I don't want to go through with it but its never as bad as my head leads me to think lol. Its like I've got a date myself wednesday ;) with a nurse and needle - Steamy I know GET IN :D haha and I'm terrified of needles and the worst of them is blood tests..So I've got until wednesday to think about it freak about it then sit in the waiting room panicking about it. Its gonna be great lol x
I'm terrified of needles aswel and cry my eyes out with worry before hand! But it's never as bad as u think. Well it was once when my mw did it and she was awful!
He's busy till Wednesday and I can't get a babysitter. So ile wait lol I just need to chill out lol it's only a first date, I don't need to worry about my body because he won't be seeing it haha

I was out for a mates 21st and the theme was gay and proud lol he's not even gay. I was out with a rugby team and my sister was t dressing up so I wimped out and just wore a tache. And honestly I've never been chatted up so much in my life! And I got to kiss a very good looking cowboy, who turned out to be 19 haha but I got my first kiss out of the way
Yeah it was my MW that did the worst one ever she missed my vein and rather than taking it out and trying again she decided to move it around under my skin until she got it :sick: was so painful and my arm was black for weeks. Cow.

Aww you stuck out and looked like you were fun..I had my lad mates draw all over me in eyeliner from my bag once and I had a bandana on my head looking a total idiot and I ended up meeting someone I went on to have a relationship with, one I wish never ended and still to this day miss. I actually had a dream about him last night but that's a whole other story :haha:

At least this first kiss is out the way, you won't be worrying yourself about that you can just look forward to it :D x
I've just found out I no his big brother. I kissed him 10 yrs ago! Omg lol sometimes I wish this world wasnt so god dam small lol

He laughed and said he didn't care, so we are still going on the date. I hope it doesn't make things weird :(
I'm pretty sure it'll be fine it was many years ago and just a kiss :haha: but I know what you mean! I had an ex and seriously I think he must have just known everyone in our town because any lad that spoke to me just as a friend I'd later find out knew him then if he found out I'd be accused of trying to sleep with all his friends intentionally..I don't think he realises if I'd have known they were his friends I'd have stayed away from even talking for that very reason :haha:. That was when I started preferring to go more long distance to avoid having mutual friends and people that could stick their nose in or had ties to someone else. I wanted something brand new lol.
That's the problem living in a small town lol on further digging one of his ex gfs is married to one of my husbands mates haha

Yeah me and his brother was yrs ago, both very much over it haha and we are on really good terms. Always chat n hug if I see him, but think its safe to say I won't be going out with them both on a night out hahaha

The lad I'm goin on a date with added me on fb, he's hotter then I remember so now I'm extra nervous hahaha
The lad I'm goin on a date with added me on fb, he's hotter then I remember so now I'm extra nervous hahaha

:haha: this made me laugh.

I'm so sorry about your husband. :hugs:

but you totally give me hope that someday I'll feel excited to date again. I can't wait to hear how the date goes!
Thanks :) it's been a tough two yrs but I finally decided to put myself out there and get asked out lol
I never thought I'd even want to date, the thought of kissing someone else made me feel sick. But I've surprised myself and yes if I can be excited, so will u be one day :D one of my brother in laws mates was moaning he was nervous about a date till I told him about mine, then he just felt like an idiot hahaha

I can't wait to update u all aswel :D he was texting me again last night. We get on so well and he's so funny. Really hope the date goes as well as I think it will
ooo Enjoy your date when it comes!! just be yourself don't forget to update us xx
Getting so excited for this date. Still texting, he's with his mates at the pub and still sent me a text to just say hi.
Feeling like a school girl lol
Hahaha thanks
I can't believe I actually like someone and we haven't even been on the date yet.
The pressure is on lol if this date doesn't go well, we are both goin to be disappointed
I'm sure it'll go well, maybe a bit awkward, but I think most dates are somewhat awkward at first! :thumbup:

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