15dpo dont know what to do with myself!!! confused? help?

Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by welshwarrior, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Hello ladies, advice required, i am driving myself mad..
    my last AF started 27th dec, my cycle is a bit erratic :growlmad: ranges from more regulare 30/31day cycle up to 36!

    my last few have been 30/31days, i had an mmc in july and I have only told myself i am trying again since september, it took me 4 yrs to catch last time:cry:. do have a 8 year old though so want number 2 though!

    anyway dont want af to show, had a v light bleed barley anything there but could see something in the water about 10days ago today is cd 34 and although have had sharp crampy type pains in lower left abdomen here and there over last few days and the horrible burning sensation in the lower back, i have nt had the usual af signs sore boobs ,really bad tummy etc so i am hoping!!!! i have done a test i no it prob to early to tell if i am and it was negative:cry: i hate the 2 wk wait wondering if you are or are nt it is enough to drive a person mad! what do you think my chances are?? when should i test again?? also almost threw up the other morning but did nt, i dont want to imagine to symptons i want them to be real, never wanted to have sickness so much in my life!! and does anyone have any suggestions of anything i can take to help me concieve or aid me in it!! if the dreaded af arrives ?cheers girls ,baby dust to us all and here is hoping i am with child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU ARE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKSXX

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