2 weeks + flashy smile clearblue opk?

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by TTCBean, Jul 29, 2022.

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    I’ve been testing daily since July 8th and have got a flashy smiley since the second reading on the 9th. I know they say don’t test more than 10 days but I am curious and keep testing. I am 16 mo pp and no period yet. I started testing because I was having O pain. Any ideas?

    Want to add I used another clearblue tester and got a solid smiley on the 9th too.

    I got 2 positive pregnancy test on Saturday, but negatives since. And I’ve used like $100 in tests… soooo I guess I’m not pregnant either. Ugh.
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    My flashing smiley normally last 12-13 days not unusual for me but I always back up with the cheap opks aswell and they were definitely negative, sorry your going through the unknown maybe that's why they say not to tests before cd10 :shrug: but I always start cd13 as I ovulate late aswell, I also can have o pains a few days to a week before I actually o, when is your normal o day? Xx

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