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A child against all odds


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Oct 28, 2006
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did any one watch it i cried what ppl have to go throught go get a baby :(
No but I would have if I'd known it was on :)
i watched it but i have recording the ending. it got to the bit where she had her 8th IVF but got told that her pregnancy levels were low. aint watched the rest but will in a min. made me realise i am sooo lucky. i no im lucky and am so greatful i dont take what i have for granted 2 healthy babies and one of each sex.
8th? Is that 8th with children from others or 8th try? :(

How you watching it now Dionne? What channel?
i have got sky+ so i was recording it.

it was her 8th try at ivf to have a child.
i missed this weeks, but i usually watch it. and i always bawl my eyes out. especially when the go on to have the baby they longed for
I saw this a few weeks ago, I get so emotional when it comes to stuff like this, want nothing more than for them to hold a baby, then when they get the bad news its auful :-(

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