Advice on asking for flexible hours AND pay rise after mat leave

Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by Khloeee, Mar 30, 2011.

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    It's getting to the point where I really need to start thinking about going back to work at the end of my mat leave.

    I've done some calculations and factoring childcare, I can only make my old job work if I have a pay rise. It's not a massively cheeky request as I am due one anyway considering how long I've been there and how my job role has expanded over the years, and it's not a large rise that I need to make this work.

    The problem is that on top of this request, I will also need to request a change in my work hours in order to be able to take and collect LO from nursery/chlidminder. I'm going on the basis that most chlidcare places run from 8-6pm. My job is over an hour away and I finish at 6pm, so ideally I need my hours changed from 9-6pm to 9.30-5pm. OH's work hours change all the time so it wouldn't work to keep my hours as is and share the nursery run with OH, I need to be available to drop off and collect LO or it's not going to work at all.

    I know you are meant to give reasons why you think the changes will benefit work. Problem is, I see no benefit for them. My job is client facing soit will just mean someone else has to pick u pmy work when I'm not there, creating more work for them and probably resentment amongst the staff. I fully expect them to deny both my requests to be honest.

    At this point I am thinking the best thing would be to try and find a better paid job slightly closer to home/with hours that fit in with childcare hours. However, I am concerned I may not find something this perfect so even though I know my current employer is likely to laugh at my request for flexible working hours and say no right away, I still want to give it a shot so I know I've at least tried to explore all options available.

    But I could really use some advice on how to approach this with my boss. What do you do when you can't justify how these changes will benefit the company? Should I just explain my childcare dilemma and why I need the following changes for it to work and hope for the best? Seems really cheeky to say 'Can I work less hours for more money than I'm currently earning'. Gaahhhh, they are going to say no right away, aren't they?
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    Maybe take them one at a time. Ask for the raise first, and then a couple weeks later bring them the scheduling bit as though you didn't know when you asked for the raise... Asking both at once really sounds like it will get you a big fat no. :S

    Good luck!

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