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Aha! This is where you all are!


Jan 15, 2007
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Not sure if anyone will remember me! :D Used to be Lisa31 when I went on the Pregnancy Forum - well, I am now 33 hence the name!

I have Heidi my little pixie born 18th Feb 2006 - she is one next month can hardly belive how fast the time has flown.

I got told about this forum so thought I would join you. Dont get that much time to come on cos I am back at work full time but will come on when I can.

I recognise a few names so 'Hi' to you all

L x
hiya hun, i dont think i know you but wanted to say hi anyway :D:D:D

Hello Lisa31 :wave:

Can't think if we have spoken before :oops:

Welcome to BabyandBump

If you send me a reminder on your birthday I'll change your username for you :rofl:
Hi Lisa remember me? :D welcome :lol:

Aww Heidi is 15 days younger than madam, they've grown up so quick!

Look forward to cahtting with you again on here xxx
Hey lisa, great to see you over here !!!
Hope you and little Heidi are ok! :D

Steph xx
Hi Girls :D

Thanks for the welcome - hopefully be chatting to you very soon!!!!!!!

L x
WOW Steph - only just seen the pic of your little man on your ticker I cannot beleive how big he is now! hasnt it just flown by.

I'm organising Heidi's 1st Party at the moment.!!!

L x
Lisa33 said:
WOW Steph - only just seen the pic of your little man on your ticker I cannot beleive how big he is now! hasnt it just flown by.

I'm organising Heidi's 1st Party at the moment.!!!

L x

Yep and that pic was from the summer when he was about 11 months old, now hes nearly 17 months !! dont know where the time has gone ! its scary! need to upload some recent pics, hes huge now!! :lol:

Aww hope Heidi enjoys her first birthday ! its amazing watching them grow and learn new things each day, at the same time its sad as they're not our little babies anymore ! :)
Lisa - you found us!! :D https://bestsmileys.com/waving/1.gif

Oh, thanks for the invite to Heidi's party. We'll be there! I'll send you the tear-of bit back. :D
Hey Lisa with the lovely house and the cute little girl! I remember you. Welcome :D
Steph - I know, she will be classed as a toddler soon :( ! Would love to see some pics of your little man!

Amanda ! Yay found some time to get on here! Really pleased your coming - look forward to your RSVP!! Anne Marie coming too. I sent her an email last night saying I was hoping you would all come but I'm a bit bothered about rushing around and not getting to speak to you as much as I would like - so you will have to bear with me - no doubt I will be rushing around and getting all the games organised. Hope you will join in with 'Pass the Parcel' - I'm going to play with Heidi. Cant wait !!!(whose party is it???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :shock: My Mum is coming over next Friday to teach me how to make cakes!! LOL

Minxy - you wouldnt say that now!!!! stairgates, highchair, ride-on-cars and Massive Ikea bag of toys behind the sofa! more like a creche now. I dont mind though - gives us loads of toys to mess about with when she's gone bed :D she is playing 'bumper cars' with the skirting board now she has her sit n' ride car she got for Christmas! We have been really lucky though. We bought her the sit and ride car but all her other toys have come from my best mate who also had a girl 4 years ago, so we have all her toys - it's saved us a fortune.

Well I better go, its my turn for a lie-in tommorow so I am going to have a couple of glasses of wine and look forward to sleeping in whilst D/H does the hard work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care all,

L x
Hello :hi:

Welcome to the forum! x
Hi Lisa, glad you found us here! I remember you! enjoy the forum xxx

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