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Sep 1, 2006
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Since Kacy was from about three months old she seems to have a cold every other week, she has just got rid of one now she has got another one,

I'm giving her vitamin drops everyday and she has lots of fruit and veg but every other week she gets ill, (she is just like her dad he always is ill spend two hours with and been ill)

Is their anything else i can do to stop her getting a cold or not of much of one, the HV is on my back about her weight as it is she eats well when she hasn't got a cold but when she is she just wants yougrts or milk which i give her as much as she wants but she loses the weight as much as she is putting on.

any suggestions would be brillaint
Other than keeping her dosed up on vitamin C i cant think of anything that might help. Sorry!
We had the same problem with Matthias. A cold ervery few days. When we consulted a "new" childs doctor she drew our attention to the fact that Matthias gastrointestinal problems which resultet from a very serious stomack flu weeks before were a reason for this.

The gastrointestinal tract is important for the immune system.
ummmmmmmm, well i spoke to the HV yesterday at feel good friday (its a baby thing i go to) she siad it could be because of all her teeth and the colds before that were just colds and she should grow out of them. lets hope
yep - theething influences the immune system too. Since we were afraid that Matthias had serious health problems I got lots of information regarding the function of an immune system etc.....

It was a really hard time for me :cry: , but thank goddness we got over it and we only have to avoid some kinds of food (no chocolate, nuts etc.).

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