Am I mad?


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Sep 1, 2006
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I must be bonkers. I am getting a puppy tomorrow. Not only do I have an 11 week old daughter, a 4 and a half year old son, a lovely but not very domesticated OH, two cats but now I am getting an eight wewek old Staffordshire Terrier bitch.

We used to have a staffie but he was a rescue dog with alot of behavioural problems. We had to rehome him when Jonny started to walk as he kept knocking him down. Lee was desperate for another dog and a friend at work breeds pedigree staffies. When her dog had a litter it was hard to say no, especially as I am off work at the moment.

Anyway she arrives tomorrow. She is black with four white socks and we are calling her Sally (Socks).

I am excited but aprehensive.
Aww Lynnie .. that will be lush. I love staffies .. we got one living next door and my nan used to have one called Butch (hmm .. he was very soft!) I dont think you are mad at all .. you will be worn out though! Good luck !
Your bonks hun ... but not cause your getting a dog (hehehe)

Im sure everything will be fine ... think your mad like lmao!!!

A least your getting the puppy now while frankie is still little so they can get used to each other and you don't have to worry about one winding up th other!!

Good luck hun ... and im sure sally will fit in nicely ...
You are utter bonkers....but who can refuse a puppy?! :wacko:
Well my mum has picked her up and she was car sick on the way home to her house. Apparently she is run around my mum and dads dog in circles trying to get him to play.
awwww how cute, Im loving puppys at the minute, Ella loves dogs I really want one! but that cat wouldnt be too pleased! looking forward to some piccies!
V Brave Lynnie and just a bit bonkers!

Get some pics up!!
Hows the mad house lyn??

*waves* Hello lynnie's mummy and sally ....

Shall bring sewing machine over morrow :) lmao

Hope your enjoying having your mum around hun... enjoy!
I think a dog makes a home and I always wants my kids to grow up with a woggy :hugs:
Well here are some pictures of my new little girl. Very cute but hard work.
Awwwwwww bless her!!
Awe Lynnie. What a cute little puppie.....Hope you enjoy. KEEP YOUR SHOES UP HIGH.

It wasn't shoes that came off badly but Lee's nintendo Wii wires! She also has a thing for Frankies toys
I've always wanted a dog biut have never had one, i think we will get one when ewan i a bit older, defintely if ewan turns out to be an pnly child as i think a dog is a great companion

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