Am i safe to assume.........UPDATED!!!!!!!


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Sep 14, 2006
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.........that a bleed starting 22 days after a m/c bleed stopped, can be considered AF returning to normal(even if no cramps and bleed different to normal?)
just wondered if anyone could confirm for me please! thanks you!!!!!!!!!
I think you would probably be right, never had a mc myself so dont know for sure.
Good Luck Muffin! xx
Sounds about right to me hun :D
i was told my af would be different for my first one after was very very similar to mc in fact which scared the hell out of me, and it was late for me but early is normal too honey....
i was told if excessive bleeding or pain to take myself straight to A&E though incase needed checked out...feel free to pm if you want to check anything else out honey... :oops: apologies if tmi
beatlesbaby66 it is usually the 'TMI' that really helps people who otherwise may be shy to ask or feel silly in asking, or just not realise that it is 'normal' what they are BRING ON the 'TMI' :wink:
Here's my TMI if it helps: -

With my 2nd miscarriage I started to bleed Friday 16th June and stopped completely Thursday 29th June.

My first AF started 26th July and lasted 5 days which is usual.

So I got AF 26 days after my miscarriage but it was a lot lighter than a normal AF and I had no pain or cramps, but I don't get much anyway with AF.

So your completely normal and 22 days sounds about right to me :hugs:

Charm X
Perfectly normal - Also things can change depending how far on you were! For example early losses are sometimes not even noticed by the woman who believes shes just had a little late & heavy period. Longest I bled/spotted was 8 days which was last month but my normal month seems to kick in almost immediately the only problem I have is fertility friends seems to count my later bleeds as a period when I would typically be 28 days.

Hope she buggers off quickly for you so you can get back to the nitty gritty :twisted:

ive never been called normal before!! :shock:
thanks girls, just a bit confused cos bleed keeps stopping and starting, over last 24 hours, woke this morning with awful cramps......feeling :sick: , got to drag myself off to work for a couple of hours then im crawling home and going back to bed for a bit!!(feel lazy doing that during the day!!)
How heavy is the stop & starting Muffin?
er.... has stopped althogether now..... bled first thing tues, first thing yesterday........nothing now. havent bled enough to need to change a pad whatsoever.........very confused. just feeling v v v tired all the time but sleeping like a baby all through the night which is v v unusual for me! :sleep:
Have you tired testing Muffin just to rule it out? If you do make sure your ok for a negaitive & have set in your mind it is just to rule it out ~ If you get me? :oops:

I was like that the first time ~ Tired I mean I could hardly keep my eyes open through the day!

I hope you pick up soon :hugs:
ermmm........ done 2. both appear to say yes i am......why dont i feel excited though?? :?:
You got 2 BFPs??

You're bound to be warey of being excited after what you've been through!

If you got 2 BFP's congratulations (iccle so you can save it for when you're excited!)

looks like it! one was with FMU using a tesco own brand, then at luch time i did a CB(diff sample) both have a v v v faint line......... not entirely sure what to think tbh!! shall prob do another one later, trouble is we have the inlaws coming tomorrow for the weekend, if im supposed to avoid stress im going the wrong way about it :headspin:
haha damn in laws!!!
Awww wow, made up for you hun.
Would defo save the last test and do it with FMU tomorrow or Saturday give your hormones chance to increase, and get a darker line so you can believe it a bit more!

if this is for real then im just in shock..... its 4 weeks 2day since m/c was confirmed, and we've only b'd twice!! DH will think hes got super sperm!!
Men and their ego's!
Do you think your docs will do bloods for you to confirm?
Have you tested between your mc & now?

havent done any testing cos i assumed everything was going back to normal, will wait till i get another bfp then i'll have to contact the hospital direct, thats what they told me to do

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