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Baby books

Deeper Blue

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Feb 23, 2008
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Just out of curiosity, is anyone else out there reading any of the various parenting advice books that are knocking around that claim you can have a perfect baby that never cries, only poops once a day and makes up its own feeds by 4 months (ok, exaggeration, but you know what I mean :rolf: ). With this being my first I thought I'd give a few of them a read so I at least know which way up to hold it and which are the in and out holes, but they all seem to take such differing views about routines/scedules/feeding on demand/sleeping etc I think I'm more confused now than before!

I told my mum I reading some of these books and she just laughed and said "Yeah, it's a shame babies don't read those books, ey?" :dohh:

Any of you girls bothering with them or just 'going with the flow'?
I never touched a single book with my first baby and we do fine - we have a happy little girl.

I personal think doing it by a book would cause unneeded stress.

I've had much advice & still do from Mums on here ...the answers are always varied but it's nice to see not everyone is the same just makes me feel easier and go with the flow - going with the flow has worked for my baby :D
I've been reading books but I've been chosing them based on how I'm hoping to do things (using the Continuum Concept, co-sleeping, and now diaper free... my baby is going to be so perfect :rofl: - I'm thinking positively and if it doesn't work out I'm happy to change things).

I got some new books because they were really cheap (think it was 2 for a pound or something) and tried reading them but they just got me all wound up because I disagreed so strongly with what they were saying (strict regimes and they were telling you what to do rarther than giving info, suggestions etc).

I think maybe decide what you want from the books first and go from there, if it's the 'basics' (still haven't got a clue about them!!!) theres a book for dummies (think I might need that one) and a Haynes manual that have had good reviews, haven't looked at either though so not in a position to recommend either.

:hugs: x
Ive only read practical books about pregnancy and birth and how to feed/change etc... I tend to stay away from books that go into more depth than that
Yeah i've got a few books but thats mainly cos I like reading and it is something to keep me occupied x
Yeah I read a few books during the pregnancies - by Andy McNab! Go with your instincts and don't stress out, there is NO ideal way, every baby is different.:thumbup:
I have got "What to Expect : The First Year" because I have the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book for pregnancy and LOVE IT! :thumbup:

Don't think I would venture into any of these other more "experimental" books. Too confusing :wacko:
I've looked at the one by That Woman with her terrifying schedules and military discipline and I don't care if it works, I don't want to live like that!

Otherwise I am taking advice from people who live the way I woudl like to, so some routines for naps etc, but feeding on demand and not being too quiet around a sleeping baby etc.
I've been reading a few books, not really read any parenting books as such but more of practical ones as I'm only interested in a rough guide to the basics so a few tips or so on feeding and washing and meal ideas for the first week, I'm reading them so that I feel a bit more prepared for what's to come :flower:
I've only got "What to Expect... " It's my first pregnancy and I am so excited I just wanted to soak some information up also it was the only thing I felt I could buy in the first trimester. Silly superstitious me...
I've looked at the one by That Woman with her terrifying schedules and military discipline and I don't care if it works, I don't want to live like that!

Which book is this?
I've looked at the one by That Woman with her terrifying schedules and military discipline and I don't care if it works, I don't want to live like that!

Which book is this?

And whos THAT WOMAN? sounds ominous lol..havent read any books yet..might get a couple of humorous ones but staying clear of any that sound like army boot camp..prefer to just see how it works out when my baby gets here..
I replied with a quote on an old thread form one of the mods explaining that she can't be mentioned on here as she sues forums when she is criticized...but it hasn't come up! Name rhymes with Tina Lord..... if you work out who she is then search the forum with her proper name and all will become clear...phew!
I was reading Myleene Klass's pregnancy diary over the weekend - surprisingly, not bad - and that woman and her books were mentioned. Myleene said she thought the routines suggested were far too strict and regimented as well.
Ah well, me and Myleene, we're like :friends:


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