been to the dr tonight!!!! :O)


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Sep 29, 2008
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:happydance:Just been to the drs and told her everything including the fact that I was kinda ruling out pg as I had had 4 :bfn:

she said....well dear, I personally wouldnt rule it out, they all sound like symptoms of early pregnancy :shrug: I wasnt gonna argue. :rofl:
so she said it might still be too early for a :bfp::bfp::bfp: so I have to do another test on Monday for her. :thumpup:
Then she said if that comes back negative she might put me forward for an early scan. :argh:scary stuff huh!
I mentioned the blood count to her and she we only do that as a last result, usually for those having trouble.

Of course I said if :witch::witch::witch::witch::witch::witch: turns up Il let you know. she then said, well if it does it could be your :witch: or of course a M/C :cry:
SO........for now Im gonna chill out, well try to anyway :sleep: hope for lots of :dust:a touch of :sex: as I seem to have gone off that slightly the l;ast few days lol :rofl::rofl: and hope for the best :bfp::rofl:

fingers crossed girlies :spermy:\\:D/

oh btw.....just to add further to the symptoms, I got back home around 6.15 and been p twice and now need to go again. :blush: this is all new today.....been visiting the loo a fair bit more than usual.

Anyway....I await my dinner - Curry tonight! Hubs has gone out to collect it :O)

(This has also been copied into my journal :rofl:)
:rofl:Do you know how hard it was trying not to talk in BnB language lol:dohh:
hehehehehehehe........NOPE must not get hopes up just yet. :friends:
Woooooo good luck!!!! :happydance:

Good Luck!
Fingers Crossed for your :bfp: on monday.
u cant give u till af arrives !!! so ur still in for this mth,best of luck :)
You have such a nice DR :D i can imaging you saying "wi.. i mean my period" .. LOL

Fingers frossed for u hun xxx
hehehehe thanks ladies....and honey I guess ur right, until AF arrives? Im still in the game.

thankyou all and fingers crossed for tues/weds when I get the results back :hugs:
hope you get your bfp early next week hon x

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