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book recommendations


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Sep 11, 2006
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Now that I have recovered from sickness:sick: and I am not as tired as I have been during the last weeks I want (have to) start reading again.

Can anyone recommend a good book? I enjoyed reading books like Watermelon (and all other ones from Marian Keyes), but I also do not mind a good Thriller.
I am really loving Jodi Picoult books at the mo ... just finished vanishing acts which was really good
I agree Jodi Picoult books are amazing. Just finished blind faith, couldn't put it down.
im dead sad i love biographies have read both jordan book also i have read jodie marsh im on to peter kay next !!!
Girly books i love erica james...

Just read james patterson .... GREAT reading material!

Im not a book person atall, i havent been able to concentrate for that long, the only books i have ever been able to read and that got my attention are anything by Richard Layman.

His books are fab!

james patterson, ian rankin and karin slaughter!!! all must reads!!!!(oh and of course and harry potter) :blush:
I read all sorts from trashy novels to thrillers. I also love Jodi Piccoult but my favourite author at the moment is Kathy Reichs she write books that are similar to the TV series Silent Witness. They have made her books into a Sky One series called Bones but it's not as good as the books.
I just finished reading Gloria Hunifords Book a bout her dauhter Caron Keating's battle with Breast cancer, it was really moving.I sobbed about 5 times.
I love Sophie Kinsella with all the Shopoholic series Becky Bloomwood.

I have all of Marion keyes,adore books like this and I think Jane Green is Fab!

I have all the books by Gordon Smith -Layla he is quite good~~
I have every book by Virginia Andrews and biographies I love too

I was made to read Tolkien and Dickens as a child so veer away from those and for that reason cannot get into books like Harry Potter (I know strange!)

Just reading Gina Ford-Contented baby book and have to say is very good but we will see.

Sorry Itend to read cult fiction and philosophy, Ilike heavy going reads normally that fuck with my head and leave me thinking.

But if I want a lighthearted read I love Ben Eltons books, sooo funny and clever the man is a genius that well reserches his subjects and twists real life into parody and mocks pretty much all conventions.

For a girly read opt for Incocevable, is was made into a film called 'maybe baby' a few years ago, and its about a couple trying for a baby and lots of bizzare things happening along the way, lots of tears and laughter.
ooh just remembered a Ben Elton book I loved. Past Mortem it was really scary.
I like Jodi Piccoult too, that seems unanimous!

I like biographies too, just reading Helen Rollinson at the mo and just finished Gordon Ramsay's which was really good. Didn't realise he'd had such a tough upbringing. I can recommend Boy George and Bob Monkhouse for celebrities plus David Pelzer's series of biographies starting with A Boy Called It were totally heartwrenching reading.
i wanna read Jodi Piccoult!!! wud any1 lend me one please :D
I have got the dave pelzer books .. was very moving and very tear jerking at times. I also love virginia andrews (especially the flowers in the attic series) and admit to having quite a few danielle steele aswell :blush:

I just love reading .. anything really!!
Yvanne, I've got a copy of Keeping Faith. I'll see how much it'll cost to send (it's quite weighty, might be mega bucks!) and if you PM me your address I send it out to you.

Flowers in the Attic. I loved that! Must have been years ago I read it.
hmmm ill have a skek on amazon!! cheerz tho helen :D:D
Thank you very much for this!!!

I have just ordered one boork by Jane Green and one thriller by Jodi (o.k. the last name vanished from my brain)!!!

Dont buy the Jane green I have them all you could have,i have read about 20 times.

I tell you who is bloody fabulous and that is Helen Forrester,bloody superb. By the waters of Liverpool and Liverpool Miss made me sob but is superb. I have over 2000 books seriousely so if any you fancy just ask.

I may try that Jodi Piccolt now

Yvanne,cheap as chips here


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