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    brought this off ebay to try and unlock my phone,it never worked as its on 3 network but if anyone wants to try it on their phone thats on another network please feel free,also another good site that i unlocked my nokia 6230i on

    make sure you click english flag at bottom

    this is for
    UNLOCK NOKIA PHONE N70 N90 6280 6630 6680 and OTHER

    Hello Jenny,

    Thank you so much for choosing to buy from me. I know you have a lot of choices and I appreciate your business.

    Please note that this Software will NOT damage your phone in any way.

    As stated in Item Description this software works in 85% of cases and there is NO guarantee that will work 100%.
    If you belong in that unlucky 15% then I'm sorry but no refund is offered for this item as stated is Item Description.
    You have been told that by purchasing this item you will risk only your money and nothing else.
    By risk I mean that if this software doesn't work for your model then you will NOT get your money back
    By purchasing this item you have agreed to terms and conditions (please scroll down to read T&C)

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, then please let us know before leaving feedback.

    I am a PowerSeller and I am committed to uphold and embrace the core community values that are the very foundation of eBay.
    I maintain 100% positive feedback rating with over 950 positive feedbacks received till now.

    As long as you are happy with your purchase please leave me positive feedback and I will do the same for you within 24 hours.
    Feedback Rating will help you to build a better eBay community. Every eBay user has a Feedback profile made up of comments from other eBay users.

    I would appreciate if you can mention your phone make and model in both cases if you have unlocked or failed to unlock your phone

    If you are about to unlock a phone on 3G Network, then please select Hutchinson 3G from dropdown menu
    I dont knwo are you aware that the Hutchinson 3G is actual Company of 3G (3G is just short name)
    You can check this on THREE website: (check on right hand side)


    1. Download the software
    Here is the hyperlink of the software for BB5 Phones (N70 N90 6280 6630 6680 and Other):
    Here is the hyperlink of the complementary free software for Old Nokias:
    Please note that no registration required to download this software, as this is placed in my personal dedicated file server

    2. Unzip commpresed file
    Since the file is compressed, you will need WinZip to uncompress this file.
    You can get Winzip for FREE from (trial version)
    Please make sure you extract all files and NOT just one file.

    3. Instructions
    Once you uncompress this ZIP file, follow the instructions on the zip file (read_me.txt)
    Also please make sure you dont forget to backup all important data.

    4. Disable antiVirus or Firewall
    Please disable Antivurs & Firewall as sometimes these will prevent the software to run correctly

    Should you need further assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards

    Terms & Conditions
    1) No 100% gurantee is given for this software, as the developers are still working in it.
    2) My job is to sell & send you the software via e-mail once software is purchased and payment is received.
    3) If the codes do not work, then your agree NOT to leave Neutral or Negative feddback as this feedback will be removed by E-bay Staff


    to get your imei number dial *#06#

    to use the unlock codes generated take out your sim and start the phone up.type in the code given
    the p,w are obtained using the * key.

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