CB standard -What would this mean?


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Sep 7, 2008
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OK so I've had my fair share of weird results on hpt's over the last 3 weeks but this takes 1st prize.

Very clearly a light positive on the top of the cross (deffo looks darker/clearer in real life) but nothing on the bottom of it???

Ths was taken about 4 minutes after peeing on it (had cam at the ready this time, lol!) the line is darker now.

Am I just HALF pregnant then? pmsl

I will go into town and get another cb to check, but just wondered if anyone else had this problem?


very strange! Email them and comlpain with a pic and they'll prob send you some free ones!
I called the careline & they are sending me a new one. I have to send this one back, as it 'didn't perform as they expected it to' Oh well, another hope dashed!
Now its been a while, the line on the bottom half of the + has shown up a little, but not clear like the top one.
Dont want to get your hopes up hun, but my first cb one I did at 8 dpo was a little like yours...although you could see the bottom half aswell but not as clear as top half...I am preggers.

Test again though...good luck!:hugs:
I went and bought another CB test!
Second one is a BFN tho. :(

The top one looks such like a faint bfp , I would suggest maybe retest with fmu tommorrow . Could all be good hun. Good luck . xx .
oh hun your really not having a good time with your tests are you.

glad they are sending you another one. still havent got round to complaining to boots about mine lol.

i really hope you get a clear bfp soon sweetie! x
Try first morning? I am so curious! 2 look positive eventhough one is odd but you can tell its an actual half positive line it is wierd. One looks liek a very nice light positive and the other neg I dunno.. Try a cheapy like the dollar store. They rock and are very sensitive. I wouldn't suggest internet ones though since well they are always coming up faint on me...
I agree, you need to do it with FMU or you might find your pee is too weak to show!!

Good Luck Dan-O, I really hope this is it for you!!! :happydance:
Hi, thanks for your support guys! xx

I did a superdrug test with FMU i saved from this morning (fella nearly had a fit!)
I'm sure I see a very faint line in the time limit, but maybe I'm seeing things! :wacko:
I'll leave off the POAS action for today & do another tomorrow morning & sunday morning.

I wont be happy until I see a nice thick line!!!

Maybe that one clearblue test was just a particularly sensitive one? Does that happen?
Good luck .. All sounding promising keep up the poas lol . xx .
OK disaster has struck, I do have a very light line (imo anyway) but my this morning my temps have dropped & I'm spotting. Oddly all my symptoms vanished yesterday too, I felt completely normal, apart from being a bit bloated.

I'll upload some pics, maybe it's just a pink evap? I'm sure it's a light line though. Fella's not helping, he says it not positive until unless line looks like the control, fgs! :(
Spotting is normal hun , And Symptoms can come and go ..
Its not nesscerserily bad news **Hugs** .
Lets have a gander hun , But im sure its not a pink evap . xx .
My IC's just arrived so I did one to make sure & there is a light pink line on that too.
Hope you can see in the pics, its dark outside today so quite hard to photograph!


Top one is the OPK I did (just in case) and the bottom is an IC HPT.
Indeed i see lines on both :) .
The hpt is faint but still visable . xx .
AF seems to be here now. Thanks for having a look anyway xx
i see a line too hunni! you sure that its deinately af that has shown up. some women get bfps and bleed but go on to have a healthy pregnancy.

(((hugs))) x

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