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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by mernie, Aug 27, 2009.

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    How many oz should she be getting at 6 months? Here lately she seems like she just doesn't want milk at all! She's on 3 meals a day now and in the morning she has no problems just having her bottle but then around mid afternoon its becoming quite a hassle to get her to eat a bottle at one sitting. She's still getting around 26oz a day but I'm worried thats not enough. I'm also worried that I'm doing something wrong since its been so hard to get her to take a bottle! :dohh:

    also wanted to know if this is ok....she refuses to go up a teat size. She's still on the ones she started on. We've tried a little faster ones that are supposed to be right for her age but she still gags. Is that ok?
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    hey huhn luisa weaned at 4 months and the hv told me to make sure the milk wasnt being replacedc by food and she was having at least 24 ozs a day..

    i went weds and spoke to her about the exact prob your having! (luisa would eat 4 meals a day but not take anymore milk!)

    she said tht once luisa hit 6 months it would be ok to for the formula to drop to 15-20 ozs a day as long as she is having a balanced diet.. and mentioned using full fat cows milk in cooking to help..

    she also mentioned tht if you switch to the follow on its more iron based so tht helps with the drop in milk

    does any of tht make sense!?

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