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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Flump17 08 11, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Hello Ladies

    I know expected delivery dates could change but is there any way the midwives could date me back to the actual week of conception ? I know I conceived somewhere between 21-26 November but because they date you from the first day of your last period I am 11w+1. If they date me back to the actual conceiving week that would only make me 10w+2 and I really don't want to go backwards. This 12 week wait has been long enough already and I really want to see our little bubba waving back at us :rofl:


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    All pregnancies are dated from the last period LMP because they don't know when people actually conceive, the only time this gets changed is by a dating scan that shows the baby has different measurements by more than a week (I think) i.e the woman ovulated on CD 21 as opposed to CD14. They would then move your dates by one week

    For instance based on my LMP I'm 6 weeks today but based on my OV I think I'm 5 weeks today - does that make sense?? Or am I confusing you more!!

    I'm sure someone will come along in a minute to explain better than I can!!!

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