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Mama and expecting
Oct 17, 2006
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hey guys, well its official. I cannot deny it anymore. I am on a diet lol. I started rosemary connely classes on a monday night, the low fat diet one with the aerobics class after the weigh in. I can only eat things less than 5grams of fat per 100grams. And its so darn easy. I miss chocolate, but skinny cow icecreams help with them cravings, and now i bulk up my meals withy veg like courgettes, cauliflower and whatever i have. Iv been on it for 3 weeks now and slowly and steadily am losing weight, with 4 and half pound off so far. My question for you is, what diets have you tried and tested, which work and which dont... cuz this one seems to be the one for me :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Well done melanie thats great goin!

I need to diet (see my cant stop thread :lol: ) Ive tried loads but the trouble is im so fussy with food, i dont like much veg, i like salads and jac pots but i cant live on them i get bored, and i one of them people that says oh one wont hurt but then im back to square one :roll:
Good luck with the rest of ur diet hun, the plan ur on sounds great!
Well done Melanie - Good luck reaching your goal :D

We like veg & salad in our house but we're still Mr & Mrs Wobbles :lol:
Well done :D

Im on a diet atm. Only started on monday but it's horrible, can't see it lasting long :(
Well done babe!!

I swear by Weight Watchers myself, and am planning to embark on it once Alfie born! I lost 3st with it before!!

Good luck hun, keep up he good work! x
Well done hun. I can't comment as I am a take away Queen. :D

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