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Nov 5, 2006
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Does anyone know someone who is giving away puppies or any other dog (free to good home)

Amy is really asking for a dog and i know Andy has wanted one for a while but at the moment we don't have £100 more to buy one.

We have just seen a west highland terrier free to good home in the loot as the owner had died but the caller before us took it :(

I might sound really cheap!! We were going to the dogs home to get one but when i rang to see if they had back ground on any of them being good with kids they said most of them are strays- wouldn't chance it but its sad as they could be great with kids and run away!

If anyone know people with unwanted suprise puppies etc let me know thanks :wink:
depending wher you stay hun, but up here in scotland we have a blue and yellow paper that comes out one on a thursday and one on a saturday, their are usually loads of adverts for pets free to good home ect

good luck hun
Might be a bit far to travel for a dog, i live in manchester! :lol:

We get free papers here on a thursday but they don't offer much in the way of dogs
found this ad on adtrader not sure if its any good to you though

Free to loving home Small dog 19 months vaccinated&house trained, Re-homing due to work. Loving puppy be your best friend. Tel: (07039) 522003
Price: no price
Town: Manchester
Postcode: M347
This Advert was placed on - 08th January 2007

lol i have just Emailed him to see if he still has it! :lol: :lol:
any luck finding one?

I did something terrible to my dog Dexter :(:(
Me and Jase were in the kitchen and Roxy and Dexter were asleep in the front room with the kids playing around them.

We heard Dexter bark/grow/yelp so we looked in and saw him standing next to Coby and Coby was crying, so we auto thought Dexter had gone for Coby. It was not long after that little girl got killed by her dog so of course we over reacted and took him to the pound, broke my heart but i didnt want to risk it :( :(

Turns out what one of the kids stepped on him while they were mucking about, he didnt go for Coby, Coby cried coz he barked so loud i think, Thye didnt want to tell me coz they thought we would be mad.

So tomorrow we are going to get Dexter back, i feel sooooooooooooooooooo bad for him and cant belive i put him in that horrible place. We have brought him new collar and lead (leather ones) and lots of treats and bones to try to make up for his week of hell in the pound.

Just hope he can forgive me, i will defo think twice next time (hopefuly there will not be a next time tho)

I can understand why you did it hun, it does make you paranoid.

Give him big strokes and hugs :D
any luck with the dog yet yvonne?

Layla i can fully understand why yoy done it too, dont be hard on yourself about it im sure he will just be so glad to be back home :D
we went to see him and put a depoist down on him on Tuesday, he has to stay in there a week before we can get him back and we have to pay £75! but he gets flead, wormed a vert check and a micro chip so its not all a waste of money.

been a loooooooooooooong few days , going to bed early tonight so tomorrow comes quick and we can go to get him back home

Aww Layla dont be hard on yourself. It's understandable. I have a little Yorkie who I have to watch round Rebecca as she is highly strung and you just never know.

I am sure Dexter will forget all about it once he's back. He has just been for a little holiday :D
No :( :( :(

Why is it when your not particulaly looking for one there are loads :roll: :roll:
well tell yourself you dont want one now and one will come up :D

good luck hunny, shame you didnt live closer to me as their are loads going free to good home, you know what its like they buy them for x-mas and they get bored of them :cry: :cry:
i got Roxy and Dexter off here....


hope its some good.

Aren't they expensive?!! :shock: :shock:

Did you pay for yours Layla?

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