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Don't even know how to post this ....


Aug 31, 2006
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This is a really hard post for me to make so i hope i don't offend or piss some one off with what im about to write, but both myelf and OH are 99% sure about this and are at a loss at what we should do ...

It All started on early sat afternoon, myself and OH were going out at around 1.30 pm with lala to go shopping and get stuff for kitchen, ouur next door neighbour (single mum with 3 kids) was on her way out in the car, she was on her own and left 2 kids in the house on there own, well 2 is what we thought until later on that evening.

At this point i'd like to add we are not 100% sure on childrens ages but the eldest ISN'T at high school (youngest is about 2 if not a smige older, the boy is about 6 and the girl 11 i'd say)

So we went out and came back about 6 and her car wasn't back, the back door to her house was open and i was putting the towles on the line for an hour or so ... then i heard the little boy crying an the other lad shouting something, then heard the girl say "stop it or i'll tell mummy when she gets back" .... hummm odd i thought, maybe another adult in the house?? NO was the answer to that question, found this out not a mear 10mins later when she said to the boy, "you can't go out mummy said we had to stay in the garden and im in charge!"

OMFG ... i thought kept our back door open just incase, well we kept an eye out for her car and STILL wasn't back by the time we went to bed at midnight, We between us got up at 3am (drunken yobs, looked out of window no car and her back door AJAR) Gav got up at 7am with Lala opened downstairs blinds and her car still wasn't back ... strange we thought maybe she got back in a cab???

Sunday the kids were playing outside and the little lad was crying (2yr old)
And we heard the girl saying "don't worry she should be back soon" At this point around 11am i went to my mums, OH went to snooker but came home at 6. Nextdoors car not around and her back door still wide open and kids are outside still on there own from what Gav has said to me on the phone.

Well im back today and things seem to be still pretty much the same.

Kids are crying and being nosiy but can't see the mother or any other adult in/around the house and her car still not present and not been seen since sat afternnon.

WTF do we do? Ignore it or do something??

Im totally at a loss and hate to accuse and my OH is pretty level headed and has said himself things are not normal and wondered if we should say/do something

Confused and VERY worried about the children as we have not seen/heard any other adult, but at the same time don't want to make a scean as we are new to the area and we might be reading the situation wrong, but from what we have seen/heard that isn't likely ....

Oh hell sorry for ranting and posting such a long thread but for god sakes some one HELP ME!!

I would not hesitate to call social services. End of the day if it is a mistake then there is no harm done and no one will know you called them either because when you speak to them it is confidential.

But if the kids ARE at home on their own and are as young as you think then they should not be without adult care for that long.

I always think "if anything happened to them" you'd probably feel worse for not calling someone to have a look in than you would for making a mistake.

Or you could pop round and ask if they are ok and when will mummy be home if you are wanting to check things about a bit before calling anyone? (Under teh premise of run out of milk or sugar or something lol)

The minimum age you can leave a "child" in charge is 13 but I am pretty sure there is some rule that says that is only for a limited amount of time especially when there are other minors in the house.
Imi phone the police hun. It will be anonymous and they will come round and check to see if everything is ok and if there are any concerns then they will contact social services. If all is well, then the worst that can happen is the police have a wasted journey.
Just worried incase i have got it wrong and people will know its us/me??

Im really worried/confused and upset and stuck tbh.

I've been o nthe reciving end of ppl thinking the worst of me beacuse someone started ppl on the rumour mill! i guess this is why im so wary??

Fook thinks im gonna have to do something as i've heard the "i'll tell mum when she gets back" again ...

WHY do i get put in this position???!
gosh its really upsetting if they are there alone?
would you not ask the little kids if mummy was home? make up an excuse to ask her some thing? so if they call an adult you have a some thing to ask them. like "did the postman leave a parcel with you"?
if there is no adult there defo call the police
I did have her polling card ....

Might drop that round?
yeah might be a good idea, or just ask one of the kiddies over the fence in the garden. is your mum there i have some thing for her.

so when mum does get home its not like "mum some one came round asking for you"
Imi, I would Def. go check on them to make sure all is ok. Then if the mom is not home by tonight, call the police....
Ok .....

Just went out front, back door now shut no one in garden.

Think they are in the house but no one answered the door??

Am i going fooking cookoo??

Had polling card but didn't push it through the door incase i need an excuse in a bit?

They might have been told not to answer the door??? I really wouldn't worry about getting it wrong.I know its easy for me to say as I am not living there but if someone had concerns about Seren I would rather answer the door to a policeman and have them see that everything is ok rather then Seren get hurt in anyway.
if my mum ever left mein the house while she popped to the shop she would always say
"never ever answer the door to strangers"
and never answer the phone

she must have told them the same.

just call the police, you have nothing to loose hun x
Imi, i would call the police as well, especially if the kids aren't around for you to talk to.
Anybody could have called them, the mum is not to know it is you.

Such a hard position for you to be in:hugs:
I've done it .... they sending a patrol vehicle round.

The thing is i have soe really scally neighbours who et there kids run round and do what the hell they like, where they like, when they like so its gonna be soooooooo obveous whos called em! ....

Dunno if i have made situaion better or worse, soon find out!

Imi for whats its worth I think you have done the right thing. At least someone cares for them kids.
You've done the only thing you could have done hun, I'm guessing still no sign of mum as of yet?
What will this be? 2 days?
I'm absolutley in amazement that people can do this
Imi you've done the right thing hun,

Who is cooking for these kids?
OMG Imi i have only just read this and i think you have deffo done the right thing. Like others have said if it is a mistake then no harm done.

Aww hun .. this must be a very hard situation for you :hugs:
Imi:hugs: You did the right thing. Plus I was just thinking, what if something has happened to the mom and no one know the kids where home alone.:hugs: You did the right thing.:hugs:
From what i can tell people/ social/ police? are nextdoor in the house ....

Sound selfish but worried about my own safty now as this area isn't as nice as we thought when we brought the house an we now know how rough it can get .... Im know im a bloody cow for thinking like this, but the neighbours arn't nice and very rough!

From what i can tell there must be something going on as no one has come out yet and a im typing another car has pulled up (Not the mothers)

Im hoping i've just been a nosy bitch and im wrong :(

You'll find out soon enough hun, if you were right, they will come out with the kiddies and if you were wrong no harm as been done.
From what you have said i think you were right, another car wouldn't have come if an adult was in that house

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