Feeding issues - upset mum, please help


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Apr 4, 2008
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Hello ladies

Can anyone help or share their similar experiences as Thomas and I are finding feeding difficult at the moment and I'm getting a bit :cry:

Thomas is 3 weeks old and we have been breast feeding exclusively up until now.

About a week ago Thomas was weighed and, although he didn't lose much after birth, he hasn't put much on: his chart is a straight line and he is still under 3kg. I have been worried about this ever since.

Since then breast feeding has become difficult. I was told to feed Thomas every 3 hours. Before this Thomas had been demanding a feed about every 3 1/2 - 4 hours and feeding for about 30 mins. Now he feeds only 10 mins before slowing down and sleeping/suckling. When I wake him up he does take a bit more but very slowly and stops and starts. It takes me an hour to get 20-30mins sucking from him.

The HV has suggested bottle top ups but is very vague about how this would work. The last two nights Daddy has given him 60ml which Thomas has enjoyed.

How many 'top ups' should I do a day? Will just one help him put on weight?
How will Thomas respond to Mummy giving him a bottle if Daddy is at work?
Do I do breast then bottle or bottle then breast?
Will my milk supply be affected?

It's all so confusing! Any opinions would be much appreciated. I really want to help little Thomas grow and his lack of growth is really worrying me.

Thank you ladies :hugs:
I daren't comment on here really but unless it is 100% necessary and he isn't putting on any weight atall, then I wouldn't top up.
I dont think you should be feeding every 3 hours and waking him up when he falls asleep on the breast. Its completely normal for baby to fall asleep when feeding as they are content and secure at the breast. I would start feeding on demand and see how you do then xxx
Alot of women give their baby a bottle before bed... You can also express and mix formula and BM.

Bottles are easier for the baby to get milk out of, so if the baby has to burn alot of calories getting milk off the breast it is harder for some to put on weight... Other then that if you plan to BF still then like the others have said try to feed on demand, it will keep your supply up.

It is nice that your OH is getting to have some time feeding the baby. I dont care what anyone says, but I really believe the fathers should have that time too.
I feed my baby on demand even know the doctor said I should feed every few hours. I think each baby is different and he's only a few weeks old, there's will be a lot of changes.
My friend's baby didn't put on any weight in the first month, she only put on a bit of weight each month but she's a happy little girl.
sorry not much of advice,just don't worry so much. if your little one is happy and healthy then it should be fine
Thanks for your advice ladies :hugs:

The last couple of days I have been:

Feeding when Thomas wakes up rather than waking him up to feed after 3 hours which seems to get a better response from him. I also have stopped forcing him to wake up if he falls asleep - even if this means feeding him again in an hour.

Feeding Thomas a bottle too if he is still unsettled after being on the boob for a silly amount of time - like 60 or 90 minutes. We have been giving a bit of formular and I have started pumping breast milk too. I'm hoping that pumping aswell as feeding on demand will help to increase my milk supply (?)

I'm really hoping this is working as Thomas's appetite seems to be increasing - keeping my fingers crossed for his next weigh in [-o< I'll let you know what happens.
Giving formula will hurt your supply at this stage. Feed him whenever he acts hungry - it may be every 3 hours, it may be every 30 minutes, it probably wont be consistant. IF you give formula, then also pump.

Also, know this: ALL babies LOSE weight at first. They generally regain their birthweight by 10 days to 2 weeks of age. At 3 weeks old, he really *shouldnt* have gained much - maybe a couple of ounces over birthweight. If he has regained his birthweight, he should be fine. If he is still under, he may need some supplementation. Has he regained his birthweight?

Also, make sure your latch is good - if it isnt, he may be sucking and not getting much. Get with a lactation consultant if you need to. Bad latches dont always hurt.

Dont give in if you really want to BF. The first several weeks are horrid, but it does get better - just dont kill your supply!!!

If you really want to continue with breastfeeding, dont give up at this stage. I found weeks 2-4 the hardest of all. It is alot better now and he is 7 weeks. Salim never lost weight when he was born he put on weight which the midwife was suprised with seeing as he was being breastfed. For weeks after that he was putting 10-12 oz on a week. I feed on demand whether it be every 30 minutes or every 3 hours. He lets me know when hes hungry. You just have to remember every baby is different. My antie is breastfeeding her baby and she is 6 days older than salim, she was 1 lb heavier than him when she was born and she only puts on about 3 oz a week.

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