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Female Gamers?


Mother of 2 and bump
Feb 7, 2012
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Hello out there!

Are there any ladies out there who are into computer games? I mean like cant help it?

I currently playing WOW, (World of Warcraft) Have been playing for almost a year and am loving it. I also play games on the Xbox 360 and DS.

Would love to hear from any other females (or males) who are gamers out there. Would love to share stories

Im on a WOW break right now but love the game..have priest...mage...and tons of alts lol
We just bought SWTOR but then my pc took a dive:( lol wasnt happy.
OOh thats awesome. I play a couple times a week, i have a Warlock and a DeathKnight!! Been playing 9 months and so addicted :D
Horde or Alliance? I had all horde toons till this year finally leveled an alliance lol was kinda nice playing in new surroundings..felt like a new game lol
Im with the Horde!! All my alts are on Quel'thalas. I would like to have an alt with the alliance tho, maybe i will when i have a chance :)
I'm a gamer and I also used to work in the games industry. I haven't really had time to play much since my little girl was born but I love all Squaresoft Final Fantasy games (not Square Enix) and the Left for Dead games as well as Rome Total War, Some point and click adventure games and a few years ago I was a WOW addict along with my husband. It got a bit ridiculous so I had to go cold turkey with WOW. I got an iphone for Christmas so I do have a few little game apps that entertain me when I have a spare moment.

I can't wait until my little girl is old enough to play games with me. I love most nintendo and child friendly games and because my Husband, her Daddy, is also a gamer I think we will all get involved.
Hello there, fellow girl gamer checking in!

I work in the industry as a review/preview/article/ content writer for a UK gaming website which is amazing fun, I get to go to all the major shows and meet the developers of some of the most popular games around!

In my spare time, I am a WoW player - For the Horde! I play a mage as my main and am currently progressing through Dragon Soul with my guild group :D Ho to any of those who play Neptulon Horde lol

Im also a massive fan of Final Fantasy (x being my favorite), Kingdom hearts series and any other Jrpgs! Whilst not a huge FPS fan, I have been known to dabble in certain ones, mostly the teamwork games Like Left 4 Dead! Anywho, feel free to add me to friends on this and we can chat games all day long :D lol

EDIT: I dont know how I didnt mention my love of the Silent Hill series in my post..love love love them. Specifically 2+3 :D
So good to know that theres others out there that play games besides myself :/

Im currently playing on WoW and Forsaken World, its free to play but just as good as WoW. Try having a look at perfect world entertainment.

I have facebook if anyonme else does or you can add me as a friend on here :)
I played WoW a long time ago. DH & I had collectors editions of the original game (and our local games store called us on our honeymoon to make sure we still wanted the collectors editions since we weren't there to pick them up the day they came out). I've since quit WoW... twice. :haha: DH has only quit once; the other times, I've gone back for my BFF since he's good at talking me into games.

I moved on to Star Wars The Old Republic for a bit, but then I got pregnant and lost time and energy to play it.

Now, I'm mostly playing Diablo 3 - been in the closed beta and am looking forward to the May 15th release. DH and I are playing it together, and we're also going to get into Torchlight 2.

I've been a console gamer since I was 2 years old (yes, really... Intellivision and Atari got me started) and a PC gamer since my early teenage years. I mostly play RPGs and MMORPGs, with a few RTSes.
Im on a forced wow break, the router suddenly bloked my account (I think hubby did it but he says he never) then we moved and dont have internet and I finaly went to re install it the other day to find my dis is corrupt (im still blaiming hubby for every one of those, he hated me playing it.
So I havnt played in nearly 3 years.
i just started playing ultima online again for a iggle as I used to play that years ago and I play lord of the rins online.
I used to hate the xbox as im a pc girl but have recently been playing mass effect, dragon age, skyrim, generaly though I prefer pc because I like to do my own mods and skins for games.
I make my own objects and skins for sims as well, anything I can fidle with and change and hack :)
I took a long break from WoW...starting to play a bit again. Also just started swtor
And right now playing diablo 3 beta and wow beta for mists of pandaria.
So slowly getting back to it lol;)
Bring on Diablo!!! So psyched for that game, gonna be playing a monk alongside my partners barbarian!
Took a break from WoW also, thinking about Tera, has anyone played it? I wanted to get in on the beta, but it was down before I finished downloading it. I didn't know it was a two day beta!
Never heard of Tera.
My Diablo beta was still going ..I had private beta.:)
Tera looks quite good actually, but no I sadly didnt try the open beta either as Im in the Mists of Pandaria wow beta so spending a lot of time on there :(

Smooch, well jealous of your ongoing beta action! I cant wait for the release. Ive never really been on for isometric dungeon crawlers but the story, atmosphere and gameplay really drew me in. The appeal is greatly aided by the fact that me and my OH can play together too!
I have we wow beta too..love the panda Start area..very cool.
ill have to look Tera up. U have never played Diablo b4 looking forward to it tho..loving the beta.
The panda zones are really nice arnt they, only issue was the fact you have to click a few items that severel hundred pandas are crowding around :D Got my premade panda mage, monk and shaman on the beta and having a great time with them!

Ive never played any of the Diablo series either, but I dont think it really matters. May pick them up from battle.net store if they are compatible with windows 7 that is :S
Between star wars...diablo...wow...i have too many games hahaa. Dont even know if i can keep up;)

Congrats on your pregnancy:) see your ticker there..awesome.
Im not a huge Star Wars fan tbh so I never really got into the old republic, think im destined to be addicted to WoW for the rest of my days haha!

Aww thanks a lot, much appreciated :)
Lol me either...i like the movies but not a true fan..lol so far its just okay..not as addicting like wow when i first started 3 years ago now i think. Hopefully ill like it more....but diablo def. Looks like i could get hooked. We shall :)see

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