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fifteen quid for a flippin curtain tie back? pfft!


Mama and expecting
Oct 17, 2006
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anyone else think mamas and papas (as lovely as their stuff is) is freaking so expensive!
I mean... as the title says, fifteen quid for a curtain tie back, 25 quid for a light shade....65 quid for a small set of nursery curtains.

*gets sewing machine out* right.... lol.... you leave me no choice mamas and papas, im gonna have to learn this because of you!

My point is- anyone know somewhere I can get nursery kit from, but just a touch cheaper than m+p? mothercare is lacking in the quantity and choice, tesco is also... ebay is not consitent enough. hmph... i just want one big nursery set (bedding, curtains, rugs etc) and just pay like 250 quid for the lot lol! Not including furnature obviously, just soft furnishings.

by the by, my pound sign button does not work, hence the need to write quid everywhere.

Have u looked on babies r us website so lovely sets and not too expensive!
When i went in Matalan today they had some cute nursery sets!! Like Danni said Babies r us have some nice stuff too, so does argooos
you know what? I never even thought of looking there. I just went for the cliche baby places... lol! No wonder they charge the earth! Silly me! im heading for babies r us, argoooooossssss and matalan websites! wish me luck lol!
M&P is lovely but very expensive. I did get some nice M&P stuff on ebay though. Otherwise, Next, Mothercare and Matalan are good for some really cute stuff.
just bought a moses basket bedding set off babies r us... hehehe.
im so glad i asked you know... i thought i was doomed to be in debt paying off for the mamas n papas stuff.
kiddicare or argos? I am such a cheapo myself and always find bargins. lol
''i love my bear'' :D

i love those sets they are adorable!!!

kiddicare? not heard of that one... google will know! hehehe xxthanks babe x
I am getting all my stuff from there, if you order over £50 You get free delivery. Found my pram there it was £129 and a nice one to!

you will find it on google i am sure . I think its www.kiddicare.com
Cool! glad someone else likes it. I found it ok i have a list of stuff waiting to go when i get the money. And i love the free delivery over £50.
i'm having mama's and papas zeddy and pasrnip, i've budgeted 400 but i've been on ebay and got some bargain brand new items, paid £37 for curtains and tie backs. so thats £80 saved cot valance for £4 should be £30, so what bargains i don't find will go towards the rocking chair i'm desparte for in mothercare lol.
this will prob be my last baby and we been trying over 3 yrs and was weeks off ivf soooo i've saved £1000's already, my oh rolls his eyes though lol. you don't have to spend the earth on nursery stuff, i'm getting my cot, drawers, wardrobe out of argos
zeddy and parsnip was the one i loved too.. i might need to have words with the inlaws.. haha xx
I was just looking at mamas and papas today and nearly fell off my chair. £100 for a cot bumper!!!
I have used kiddicare and find them good aswell :) .
And if you look at the section in shop till you drop verdubuet has £15 off when you spend £20 or more :) .
Matalan has a great Musical Mobile to match the I love my bear range , For a tenner :) .
Argos again is quiet good . Good luck . xx .
Kiddicare is really good for getting the "bigger" things i find. I save over £100 on my Quinny Buzz from there.

Only thing that i think is crap is that they dont open on a Sunday .. come on get with the times lol
We've got an M & P factory shop near us and it's still expensive. We keep going in and have got the occasional bargain though - some socks, bootees and a couple of maternity tops (one £5 and one £2), think they're exepensive due to the number of staff in there, there's usually at least a ratio of 3 staff members to 1 customer.
That Kiddicare site looks exciting.

££££££££££££££££££££££££££ Melbo xxxxx
Ive got all my stuff from babies r us in the "i love my bear" range its neutral as i dont know the gender of bubs yet but as a guide my curtains were £43 but they were the longer length ones and they come with tiebacks! :happydance:

Also i think there is a site on the internet where if you buy 2 items you get the 3rd free in this range.

They also do a "winnie the pooh" range and a pink and blue range which are really cute

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